Two and One

The title refers to three photos I’m posting below . . . why? 

“Just because” would be a cryptic answer designed to elicit curiosity, mystery, and suspense . . . however, if it were me reading this after laboriously clicking the mouse, that kind of answer would just piss me off. 

Ergo . . .   

The first two photos are from my phone, the now ancient Samsung Note II (they newest model is the Samsung Note 4 — it not only snaps photos, but also links them to a 3D-printer and makes you a copy of whatever you managed to photograph).

The photos were then post-processed with SnapSeed and Pixlr. 

Without further delay, here’s the first photo . . . some wet flowers given the B&W treatment.


You can click on the photo to have a larger version (1280 pixels maximum dimension) in a new tab or window.

The next shot is color treatment of Yucca Plant Pods . . . 


At least one of the pods — and possibly more — looks like a helmet a 12th century crusader might have worn. I wonder if this is where they got the idea.

. . . I don’t know if Yucca Plants are native vegetation in Europe. I don’t remember seeing them last time I was there, but then I was too busy eating.

Finally, a Nikon D7000, paired with the Nikkor 105mm Macro lens, shot from last summer of a Magpie on my backyard fence. I gave it the “dramatic” B&W treatment.

Flowers, bees,insects,

That particular overlay is listed as ‘viewfinder’ in the onOne Perfect Suite 9 module I used to create the B&W image.

If my viewfinder ever got that dirty it would mean I have gone blind, and the camera would be useless to me.

I’m writing another post, but I played around with these as a means to relax me, and I figure I would share them since of late I’ve been rather lax when it comes to posting stuff.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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17 Responses to Two and One

  1. paigeaddams says:

    Those are beautiful! :D My favorite is the flowers, and the way the water droplets look on them – especially the right-hand flower.


  2. Emily Scott says:

    Yucca plants are a new one for me, but the inquisitive magpie is familiar.


  3. sandra getgood says:

    I like the flowers too, and the magpie looks a little irritated at being disturbed…great shot!


    • disperser says:

      As I mentioned, I thought I had posted them in color before, but could not find the post . . . I must be losing my marbles.

      . . . come to think of it, the bag seems lighter each year . . .


  4. oneowner says:

    Darn! You beat me to the punch. I was going to do a post about how you don’t have to just shoot closeups with a macro lens. I had some shots and everything.


  5. Cool two and one photos! :-)
    Love the water droplets on the flowers! Beautiful! :-) I’ve always found the Yucca to be anything but yuck ;-) and when I was a little girl I thought they looked otherworldly! :-)
    That magpie is saying, “And I suppose now my photo will be all over the internet!” ;-) :-P
    HUGS!!! for you!!! :-)
    BTW: Today (Jan 21st) is Nat’l HUG Day!!!
    HUGS for Melisa, too! :-)
    MORE HUGS!!! :-D
    EXTRA HUGS!!! :roll:
    HUGS + infinity!!! :-P


  6. AnnMarie says:

    diem3 really bubbles over with enthusiasm (good to see) and your answer took my breath away . . . great post! But I must mention the B&W of the dew-drop-ed flowers . . . magnificent!


    • disperser says:

      Kaylee-like, even.

      Sometimes the phone does a better job than the camera (as long as one does not look at the pixel level). The newer phone cameras are supposed to be even better.


      • AnnMarie says:

        Yes, Kaylee! I knew she reminded me of someone, but I couldn’t focus in on her. So, now diem3 will be remotely connected to Firefly.


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