Happy Holidays 2014

I am not prepared . . . but I’ll give it a shot.

We used to put up a lot of Christmas decorations, all over the inside and the outside of the house. This next photo is from our first x-mas in our current house.


You might notice a lack of furniture . . . the rest of the house was furnished, but we were waiting for the new sofa for the family room. What you see are some of the decorations we had. We had many more.

Here’s a Topaz stylized version of the room, just because.


Click on the photo to see a larger version . . . not a ‘wow!’ thing, but interesting.

That was also the anniversary month of us leaving our old Michigan stomping grounds. Most of the people I knew had not seen me for a whole year . . . so I dabbed some baby powder on my hair, wrapped a towel around my middle, put on two pair of pants, three sweaters, and took a picture I sent out with our then x-mas e-mails. 


The people who answered (not many) got the following.


That’s us nine years ago. I would now need less baby powder and less padding to achieve the same effect. Not a whole lot less, but still . . . 

By 2012 we had fewer decorations, and in 2013 we had fewer still. (Click on dates for 2012 and 2013 posts)

This year we did not do a Christmas Eve Tea . . . still recouping from our trip, plus we had a bunch of piled up things we had to take care of. We’ll have a New Year’s Eve tea, instead.

We didn’t even pull out the decoration we had up last year . . . except that Louise, my younger sister, mailed me a pink flamingo ornament. It’s the lone ornament up on our  live year-round tree.

Christmas 2014, Christmas 2014,

We’ll leave it up there in celebration of the season.

Here’s a stylized version of it.

Christmas 2014,

Really, we don’t celebrate christmas as a religious holiday.  However, it is an opportunity to reach out to people we don’t often see, or even get in touch with on a regular basis, but who are nonetheless still a part of our lives. 

We wish them all . . .

Happy Holidays

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o o o o o o ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Astute persons might have noticed these doodles, and correctly surmised they hold some significance for me, and perhaps for humanity at large.  

If you click on the doodle, and nothing happens, this is the link it’s supposed to go to: https://disperser.wordpress.com/2011/12/26/palm-vx-and-i/.


Note: if you are not reading this blog post at Disperser.Wordpress.com, know that it has been copied without permission, and likely is being used by someone with nefarious intention, like attracting you to a malware-infested website.  Could be they also torture small mammals.


Please, if you are considering bestowing me recognition beyond commenting below, refrain from doing so.  I will decline blogger-to-blogger awards.   I appreciate the intent behind it, but I prefer a comment thanking me for turning you away from a life of crime, religion, or making you a better person in some other way.  That would mean something to me.

If you wish to know more, please read below.

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Note: to those who may click on “like”, or rate the post; if you do not hear from me, know that I am sincerely appreciative, and I thank you for noticing what I do.

. . .  my FP ward  . . . chieken shit.

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27 Responses to Happy Holidays 2014

  1. gpcox says:

    Great post – and I hope your Season is as wonderful!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AnnMarie says:

    Way to go, Louise! And you, too, Emilio, for sharing it with us. As for that first photo of your “senior” moment, it was one of your best practical jokes.

    Enjoy the rest of the Holidays!


  3. Enjoy the happiest!


  4. gdH says:

    You have a live pine tree in your house all year?


  5. oneowner says:

    Happy Holidays to you and your lovely bride. Leave the pink flamingo on the tree all year. It looks that good!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. sandra getgood says:

    Hahaha1 Trust you to have a Christmas Flamingo!


  7. Leanne Cole says:

    Merry Christmas Disperser.


  8. Hahaha, I get your family get some laughs ocationally too. Have a really Merry and Nice Holiday Emilio! :)


  9. Eddy Winko says:

    Made me laugh, I must remember to do the same one year, now that I’m far from the UK and peoples memories of me are fading.
    Happy shortest day from the Polish Pagan. All the best.


  10. disperser says:

    Thanks, Eddy. Let me know if you do make the effort.


  11. Carissa says:

    All the best of the season to both of you!


  12. Love this post! That flamingo is so cool! :-)
    Hope your holiday season is great!
    Happy New Year, too!
    HUGS!!! :-)


  13. Rif_Luna says:

    Thanks Emilio. Can’t figure out what you were watching on TV though…. haha


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