Barbados Redone Part V

We try and catch most departures . . . It gives us a break from eating.  I’m guessing I’ll have put on between five and ten pounds by the time this cruise is done.  It’s not that we are stuffing ourselves, but rather the combination of more snacks and the inability to really do any serious cardio workout.

My normal routine would have me do vigorous biking or stair climbing, but both of those are out because of my leg is still weak.

In fact, even our usual long walks are curtailed, with me severely limping only after a few miles. We had to also give up on the plan to avoid elevators and climb stairs, as that sets my knee to really hurting.

It did not help having a full month of not doing anything right before the cruise. I do believe I now have the beginning of a belly. Mighty uncomfortable, I can tell you . . . On the other hand, I now look more American.

But, despite being uncomfortable, I manage to go from snack to snack, buffet to International Cafè, Bistro to pizza and ice cream, and pretty much anywhere food is served.

Anyway, departures.

By the time we got back, the Celebrity Eclipse had docked . . .


. . . And right in front of it, the Thomas Celebration (I think it’s Carlson Thomas, but I could be wrong).


And angled in front of us, the AIDA Luna . . .


Here’s a panorama of their arrangement relative to our postition.


For the departure we went down to the lower deck . . .


I liked that the Luna allows passengers to go right to the front of the ship. There is no crow’s nest to pull a Leo and Kate from, but it must still be neat to be at the very front few feet of a ship under full (figurative) sail.

I took a panorama from the lower level, as well. That is a tug boat in front. Not sure why it was there, as the ship maneuvered on its own. I guess it was there ‘just in case’.


As we had turned around and backed into our berth when we got here, all we had to do was to move sideways to clear the dock, and pull out.


We did just that, and hung  a hard left upon clearing the harbor wall, heading to our next stop; St. Kits.


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8 Responses to Barbados Redone Part V

  1. sandra getgood says:

    Wait, what? Pizza and ice cream?


    • disperser says:

      Well, on one side of the ship you have pizza, and about a hundred steps away you can get soft-serve cones. In between you can get hamburgers and fries, but I only indulged once on the burgers and fries (the fries were not to my liking).


  2. oneowner says:

    Aida’s a gorgeous ship! I wonder how the buffet is? Could you check it out for us?


  3. The panorama photos are so much fun to look at! :-)
    What’s for dinner?!
    Are you hungry?!
    Is it time for a snack yet?!
    No-CalorieHUGS!!! :-D

    Liked by 1 person

  4. mvschulze says:

    Despite your issues with the WordPress App, I’m certainly enjoying your posts, offering a nice feel for your trip. Even without the re-writes, I bet you’re doing a lot of time on this. But that’s probably good,…keeping you away from even MORE food, or to much unwanted mingle time! Some of the ship traffic-jams of course remind me of the couple of cruises we’ve done, and particularily my post last year: Traffic Jam, in the Carribean, ( I’m pretty sure you “liked” that a while ago.(thanks).) Well, I’m caught up now, (which gave ME a break away from wrapping silly presents,) so looking forward to your next chapter. M :-)


  5. AnnMarie says:

    A full parking dock! And a full belly, too! Hope the last leg of this voyage is all pleasant and positive.


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