Barbados Redone Part II

For them not familiar with my bitter feelings about the WordPress app, let me reiterate my disgust for the thing.

It’s supposed to be a conduit for users away from the PC to still manage and post to their blogs. It offers that functionality in the shape of an horrifically limited editing package, no useful functionality, no formatting unless one remembers all the codes and how to properly use them, and most of all, several glitches that ensure a given user (this user) never knows if their brilliant, insightful, and mazingly clever material will be published to live on for eternity on the World Wide Web, of disappear into a dark botomless hole from which nothig can ever escape.

I hope this is the former, and not – as so often happened on this trip – the latter.

Continuing our Barbados excursion, the bus from which we could barely see anything made its way down to Bathsheba Beach.


The base of those rocks get eroded by the vigorous waves, the rock eventually tumbles (falls), and the process starts all over again.

We were only allotted 15 minutes, and I rushed to get some uninspired shots.


I also used my big lens to get shots down the coast, and of some surfers trying to ride the waves.

I would have liked to get some action shots, but the 15 minutes flew by. It was all I could do to get one ‘artsy’ shot.


I know, I know . . . Pure composing genius. Imagine what I could have done with another 10 minutes . . . The amount of time we sat inside the bus waiting for two assholes (one male, one female, possibly married) who apparently were too stupid or too inconsiderate to tell time.

That is yet another problems with excurions . . . Not only does one have to avoid getting friendly with others, but said others often turn out to be inconsiderate jerks.

I’ll finish this post here while WordPress still gives me the illusion everything is OK. We’ll see how it goes once I try to publish this thing. I’m not holding my breath.

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5 Responses to Barbados Redone Part II

  1. Those rock formations and their “journey” are so interesting and fascinating! :-)
    Yep, I don’t like when people are late and make everyone else wait. :-( It’s like they think the rules are not for them :-/


    • disperser says:

      A couple on one of the tour used the excuse they did not have a watch . . . as they held their phones.

      I’m not very charitable to such people. If I have any power in this universe, their hemorrhoids have, by now, exploded.


  2. sandra getgood says:

    Oh, i could sit on that beach for hours, just staring out to sea and wondering what that rock could tell us if that rock could speak. I’ll bet you sat on the beach and wished you could drop that rock on Word Press, which would be another interesting way to pass the time. Ignore other people who are thoughtless and crass and annoying. Nothing you can do about them, so just pretend they aren’t there at all.


  3. AnnMarie says:

    I think what I’ll take from this short post is the interesting rock and the beautiful blue water, beach, palm trees and lovely sky. Just right for this gray and overcast day in this part of the world.

    Liked by 1 person

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