Barbados Redone Part I

The stupid WordPress app kept crashing right at the end of the post I had labored over.  Once again, lots of my clever writing was lost to the suckiness that is the WordPress mobile app.

So, let me try and recreate pure genius . . .

The morning of December 14th saw us pulling into the Barbados harbor . . . This was the view from our cabin.


That’s the ship pulling into the Barbados harbor right when we got up.

That shot screamed for a cosmic treatment.


We got ready to head to breakfast and when we looked out again the ship had done a 180, and was now facing the entrance of harbor, and our view was seaward . .   .


Those are two freighters anchored just of shore.  There is a third ship in the background . . . It’s another cruise ship coming in. The Celebrity Eclipse.

We headed off to catch a bit of breakfast before our excursion.  I caught the Eclipse coming in as we were in the Horizon Court eating.


It seemed ripe for a B&W treatment.

The excursion we had picked was the Coast to Coast & Vistas driving tour.  Unfortunately we did not manage seats as nice as on our first excursion.  This time we were in the middle of the bus, and we had a pillar next to us.

That’s one of the bad thing with driving tours. Unless you are in front, you are likely to miss whatever sights the tour guide is pointing out.

Or first stop was Gun Hill Station, a hillside military outpost hat once served as a lookout for approaching ships.

Frankly, we could have missed this as the view was not impressive:


Also, no ruins, no remnants of old buildings . . . Just some bathrooms and a shack selling trinkets and drinks.

I passed the time there by shooting flowers.





I’m going to end this post here, before WordPress decides to puke all over it. The next leg of the tour will be in a separate document.

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Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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3 Responses to Barbados Redone Part I

  1. Gorgeous flowers…and the leaves are just as beautiful! :-)
    Never tire of the water shots! And the cosmic effect is always cool!
    Hope you and Melisa are continuing to have a good time! :-)
    HUGS!!! :-)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. sandra getgood says:

    Hurrah! Word Press must have been napping, and your post got through to us! Lovely flowers, and it looks warm and bright and wonderful there, views or not. On to the second post!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. AnnMarie says:

    I’d so much prefer to have that unimpressive view right now than the one I have (the side of a 3-flat apartment building). What is impressive is the ship’s 180 degree turn and the cosmic-effected harbor. It’s nice to see such beauty.


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