Just Stuff – Stockings and Nylon Riots


I used to do whole posts showcasing photos from our visits to various antique shops. I still have a lot of unprocessed photos, but some are redundant, some are ho-hum, and some deserve a post of their own.

The latter is the basis for my decision to do a series called “Just Stuff”.

It will be a series of unrelated photos that might have, or might not have been treated with various effects and enhancements. Some are fairly straight forward. Some will take a shot at making people laugh . . . or at least smile.

Basically, they are photos that caught my eye, and I played with them to present and preserve them here. They will also be added to THIS GALLERY in SmugMug as each post is published.

The Photo In This Post
You can read (and buy) about the above print HERE.

I’m not sure women these days are as much into stockings as women in the 30s and 40s (read about wartime riots because of shortages of nylon stockings).

I am old enough to remember when nearly every woman out in public wore stockings of one sort or another. Different colors, different shine, different looks. You don’t see them as much now, but pantyhose commercials used to stress the durability of same by showing how, even with running the pointed end of a nail file along the stretched material, the integrity of the stocking was maintained.

Hard to believe not that long ago, when speaking in terms of the history of humanity, getting a “run” in one’s stockings was a big deal.

And there is no denying that stockings played a sometime suggestive role in iconic movies, often standing in for what these days are more graphic depictions of seduction and subsequent . . . ahem, intimacy.

Read about the history of stocking HERE, and HERE, and HERE.

Nylon riots?! Read about them HERE.

I like the part where women used to draw lines in the back of their legs to mask the fact they were not wearing nylons.

Finally, in case it is not evident, these posts were set up while I was still home, loading the media so as to limit the amount of data I would use while traveling.

Unfortunately, the WordPress app on the smart phone is limited. The result is that despite my care in setting up codes both for justification and font color, the app ignores much of the formatting.

That’s the reason the font looks different throughout the post. What was written at home looks one way, and what I added from the phone looks different.

My apologies for that, but if it bothers you, please make sure to bitch at WordPress. It’s my opinion they could put a bit more muscle into their Android app (perhaps the IOS app is better; I wouldn’t know).

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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6 Responses to Just Stuff – Stockings and Nylon Riots

  1. oneowner says:

    I don’t know any women who would admit to owning a pair of stockings anymore. But they’ll be back. Fashion is fickle.


  2. I love that image! :-)
    I think most women had a love/hate relationship with stockings. Liking how they looked, the feel, the colors, etc. But hating the runs and snags and the cost of replacing the stockings so often.
    HUGS!!! :-)


  3. AnnMarie says:

    Thanks for the history lesson with lots of photos (first link). Besides being the obvious “seam”, I had not realized that IT proved you had stockings on, as opposed to going around with immorally bare legs!


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