Leg Update Intro

As I did with the previous update, this will be the information portion, and the photos of the actual leg will be posted in a password protected post following this one. The password, like before, is ‘summabirch‘.  Again, nothing filthy, suggestive, etc. but it does show bruising, and some people might not want to look at  the photos. Look at these photos, instead (just some photos from Hawaii).


So, what’s happening with the leg?

For them who want to read prior history:

https://disperser.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/a-cramp-this-this/ (psw: summabirch)

https://disperser.wordpress.com/2014/11/13/leg-update-numero-due/ (no password, no pictures)

Well, I had my first physical therapy yesterday . . . it turns out I have not lost any mobility – other than being able to climb stairs – and that for now what I am doing is right; move around a little until I tire, sit a little until I tire, rest a little until I tire. The injured areas of the muscles are very tender to the touch, as well as parts of the leg where the fluid that made up the swelling has now settled (the lower leg).

None of the PT guys there had ever heard of this happening to anyone, and they treat olympic athletes (not to imply I am one). I’m still within the 21-days healing period before we start doing exercises proper, but the guy admitted he’s not sure what exercises he might recommend other than to move and use the leg as much as is comfortable.


Over the past week the bruising has undergone a number of interesting hues, but in the main areas it’s still pretty dark and ugly. 

Also, while the swelling in the thigh has diminished some – and only some – a lot of the fluid had slowly moved down to my foot, making it look like a balloon. Just for perspective, the day after the cramp my weight shot up from 177.2 pounds to 182.7 pounds. That’s all pretty much fluid buildup. Two weeks to the day, I’m down to 178.6, but I might have lost some muscle mass from not doing anything.

Speaking of which, I went to the gym this morning, having been given the OK to work the upper body as long as it does not involve any reaction in the leg. 

Anyway, that’s where I am now. Over the last three days I got more mobility, and I can lift my leg in and out of bed with minimal assistance (meaning I don’t have to lift my own leg to raise it). 


While not comfortable, I can move around pretty good . . . the only lingering problem, and it’s very annoying, is immediately after I rest the leg. 

After keeping it elevated and resting it, when I put any weight on the injured leg, the area of the lower leg just above the ankle and about half-way up the calf lights up with very severe pain. Not in one spot, but the whole cylindrical section.

My first guess would be broken bone . . . except that as I gently (and with lots of resulting  pain) put more load on it, after about a minute or so, the pain goes away, and I can walk normally (or as near normal as the leg allows) without any pain. That would not happen with a broken bone or hairline fracture.

When I say pain, imagine you are hurt, and the spot where you are hurt calls for help from anyone within the radius of a few hundred miles who is also hurt, and borrows their pain. I know it sounds like I am exaggerating, but It. Really. Really. Really. Hurts.

. . . and then, after a minute or so, and within the span of about two seconds, it goes away. No answers or even theories from either the doctor or the PT. Wonderful. I’m hoping it has to do with the swelling and extra fluid, but I’m no doctor.


Anyway, I am going to go and write the protected post (it will be up shortly), and can be accessed via the password listed above. It’s bruising; don’t complain that I did not warn you.

Oh, as an aside, because I was up most of the day, I took care of some unfinished tasks, did the monthly bills, avoided eating broccoli, and did other things. Things that were not writing for NaNoWrimo.

Sorry. I feel like I’m giving everyone the bird.


As I said, the photos have nothing to do with the content of this post. It’s just that some people only look at the pictures, so those are for them.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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14 Responses to Leg Update Intro

  1. The pictures are lovely. Quite a few people post photos that are nothing to do with the post. It can work quite well.

    I’d been non-weightbearing for nine weeks by the time I had my first physio, so the muscle in the left leg (ie the broken ankle one) was non-existent.

    The first exercises I had were leg extensions. Lift leg slightly off bed or chair using a) a towel round the foot and b) a long strip of ballon like material, and hold for five or seconds. Repeat 10 times for each. Also alternate plain leg extensions, ie both legs but without any aids. The others were more ankle specific to try and get some flex back (ha!) so probably totally irrelevant to you.

    For stairs, going up was good leg, bad leg crutch.
    Reverse order going down, crutch bad leg good leg.
    Both one step at a time. I still find going down hard, up is easier, I can actually do a leg per step rather than both legs on one step.

    My ankle is still swollen so I still keep it slightly elevated when I’m lying down.


    • disperser says:

      Your recovery, and initial injury, is much more extensive than mine. As of this morning I can move around pretty good, almost normal heel-toe motion if I concentrate on it and move slow.

      Going up and down stairs is similar to what you do, but without the crutches.

      Too short a time for my muscles to have lost their functionality, and the leg is full weight-bearing . . . except after I rest it for a half hour or after I sleep.


  2. Haha “some people only look at the photos”. Guilty! Love the bird photo :)
    Glad to see your leg is getting better :)


    • disperser says:

      Thanks. I know a lot of what I write is glossed over by some in favor of the photos, and others could care less about the photos but are, instead, enthralled with my brilliant prose.

      Whatever floats your boat, I always say. Well, not always, but in the previous sentence, I did.


  3. sandra getgood says:

    Hope your leg continues to improve but am getting a little worried that nobody seems to know what’s wrong. Am sure you have had x-rays and bone density studies to make sure there’s nothing hidden, but as someone who went to Africa with a painful leg that we all thought was a pulled muscle or ligament, and which turned out to be a femur in the process of breaking straight across the whole bone, I am getting a little worried about this. I had had x-rays and bone density tests too, and nothing showed up. Fortunately, I was home before the femur self-destructed. I only mentioned this because I tend to worry when I see your pictures.


    • disperser says:

      I’m relatively comfortable with the idea the brief and temporary pain is nerve related, but will have an appointment with a neurologist to discuss the matter.

      The injury itself, while annoying, it’s progressing toward recovery at a decent enough pace.

      The reason for the initial cramp . . . that’s another matter, and I might never know the why of it. I’m pretty sure the cramp is not tried to a structural fault, but will keep investigating.

      Thanks for your concern . . . and I hope you recovered sufficiently from your own ordeal.


  4. oneowner says:

    Some improvement is better than no improvement. I would guess if the experts don’t know what the cause is it’s unlikely they are ever going to know. Good luck with the PT.


    • disperser says:

      Thanks. Based on my current status, visual show notwithstanding, I’m confident of eventually recovering to near full functionality.

      The worry if it reoccurring, that’s another matter, and one in still investigating.


  5. Ha! Thanks for giving us the bird! :-D That made me snort-laugh! :-P
    Love the pics! I’ve never been to Hawaii, so I traveled there today through your pics! :-)
    Continued healing wishes coming your way. I hope the PT helps. You are like the “test case”…now when they see someone else with this, they will know what to do. Maybe. Kinda. Sorta. ??? Or not. Always weird to have something that none of the medical community can quite figure out.
    BTW: I’ve doubled my broccoli intake, so I am eating your share.
    Oh and another BTW: I am a Bi-WordPressian…I like reading your words AND looking at your photos!
    HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      No need for you to throw yourself on the broccoli-sword on my behalf; it won’t help me any.

      Of course, if you like broccoli . . . I don’t comprehend it, but live and let eat broccoli, I always say.

      As for reading and looking at photos, there are a few. I appreciate all manner of visitors, as long as they get something from their visit . . . even if it’s only to take my broccoli.



  6. AnnMarie says:

    Splendid, splendid photos! These are the sugar that help the leg-acine tale go down.


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