U. S. Air Force Academy in Black and White – 2005 and 2010

I mentioned in my previous post that, perhaps, some of the U.S. Air Force Academy photos I was working with might be well suited for B&W treatments. The following were created using a combination of Lightroom and onOne Suite’s Effects, Enhance, and Perfect B&W modules.

I won’t add any narration because that was already done in the previous post. All I will say is these are also available for viewing at their full size (original resolution) in the SmugMug Gallery HERE, and that clicking on any image here will open a larger version of the image in a new window or tab. 

I might, if the bug hits me, do similar treatments to the model static planes.

Enjoy my all-Black-and-White post with an amazing (for me) shortage of words.

1125_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A-2_DIGI 1133_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_onOne1_DIGI 1136_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_onOne1_DIGI 1136_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_onOne2_DIGI 1142_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_onOne1_DIGI 1234_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_onOne_Ilford film_DIGI 1234_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_various_onOne_DIGI 1236_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_ejd_w-border_DIGI 1237_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_ejd-mix_DIGI 1239_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B-bogart-mod_DIGI 1241_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_ejd_mix_DIGI 1281_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_who-knows_DIGI 1310_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_ejd_DIGI 9923_12MAR2010_11_DIGI 9923_12MAR2010_12_DIGI 9923_12MAR2010_13_DIGI 9932_12MAR2010_12_DIGI 9932_12MAR2010_14_DIGI 9964_12MAR2010_11_DIGI 9964_12MAR2010_13_DIGI 9962_12MAR2010_1-1_DIGI untitled-1_DIGI 9962_12MAR2010_11_DIGI 9962_12MAR2010_11-2_DIGI

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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12 Responses to U. S. Air Force Academy in Black and White – 2005 and 2010

  1. oneowner says:

    Some of these are so good as black and white that I can’t decide which I prefer. The chapel shots in particular.


  2. Excellent, remarkable, incredible, marvelous, stunning, terrific! :-) (How about them adjectives!?)
    I love these photos in B&W! They are so crisp and clear and all the lines and shapes and textures are so vivid! A joy to look at! :-)
    HUGS!!! :-)


  3. PiedType says:

    That chapel just begs to be photographed from every imaginable angle, doesn’t it? So much geometry — lines, angles, shadows. It just goes on and on. The B-52 puzzles me, though. Looks black on the underside. Never saw one that wasn’t light on the underside, to make it harder to see from underneath. Not that it matters with this one …


  4. Strong photography, Emilio. Suits the topic.


  5. AnnMarie says:

    All the adjectives I thought of as I looked at the above B&W’s have been used in the above comments! I especially resonate with bentehaarstad’s “strong photography”. The chapel’s architectures is superbly suited for B&W. And here I thought that the color ones from your previous post could not be improved upon!


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