U. S. Air Force Academy – 2005 and 2010

For various reasons, I did not do any writing yesterday. Let me rephrase that . . . I wrote a lot, but none of it for the NaNoWriMo effort. I wanted to. I yearned to. I said to myself I would. And then I didn’t. Were I a different type of person, I would consider myself a failure, get all depressed, blame the universe, blame myself, and worry about reaching my goal. I’m not that type of person.


Among other things, a comment on my recent post about our August visit to the U. S. Air Force Academy derailed some of my resolve to write. The comment was about the plane you see above. It implied I did not know how to take a proper photo of this plane.

By the way, there are 158 photos, but I won’t show them all here; it’s late, my leg aches, and the photos can all be found in higher resolution HERE, the SmugMug gallery associated with this blog post.

Still, there be lots of photos . . . they will load slow. You really have to want to see them to read this whole post.

The above photo was taken in July of 2005, on a day when a rarity populated the skies over the Air Force Academy and the surrounding areas . . . clouds. Dramatic clouds. I thought they provided a great backdrop for many of the photos. By the way, at the time I was shooting the Nikon D100 . . . I keep meaning to bring that puppy out and take some photos with it for old times sake.


There is about a half mile walk from the visitor center to the Chapel area and the adjacent cadet quarters, classrooms, and parade grounds. The chapel makes for an impressive sight as one walks up.

1133_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1136_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI

Despite not being a big fan of the ideas associated with these kinds of buildings, this one is impressive and merits some consideration for its unique construction.


It also lends itself to quasi-abstract photography, as can be seen in the above photo.

But, before we go in . . .


Understand, this was our first visit here, a scant two months after having moved into our new house. We looked over the elevated plaza overlooking the parade ground, and the sight is impressive.

And then this happened.

1147_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1157_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1158_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1160_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1164_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI

Music started playing, and cadets filed out of the buildings, arranging themselves into phalanxes. We had no idea at the time, but this was a regular biweekly occurrence; cadets would exit their classrooms, and march to the mess hall.

One half of them marched right in front of the chapel’s terrace where, us included, a number of people had gathered to watch. Depending on the classes they were attending at the time, different groups wore different outfits.

1187_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1188_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1189_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1191_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI

This was not precision marching, like photos from three months later during what I assumed was parents day. Still, they marched in pretty good order.

1193_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1196_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1197_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1199_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI

Here’s a few closeups of faces I hope went on to serve honorably and with distinction. And I hope they are all still alive. We were not thinking about that as we watched, but some of these young men and women likely ended up serving in war zones.

1200_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1201_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI

We watched for a while longer . . .

1203_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1205_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI

Before going into the main chapel, we went to the Catholic chapel (the main chapel was sort of crowded, and I hoped the people would eventually thin out).

And the way, I took another abstract shot.


. . . and then the chapel proper . . . 

1213_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1215_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1216_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI

. . . and then another abstract shot . . . 


Notice a spot on the photo . . . I normally clean those out, but that one slipped by.

Oh well; were I perfect, I would be too good to be true. As it is, I’m nearly there.

And here’s the main chapel . . . you saw the photos from the Samsung. These, I think, are a tad better.

1221_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1222_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1223_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1224_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1225_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI 1226_AFAcademy_12JUL05_A_DIGI

We exited, and before going to the static model planes display, I indulged in some artistic shots of the exterior architecture.

1234_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1236_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1237_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1238_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1239_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1241_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI

Honest, I think a lot of these would look amazing in B&W . . . maybe another day.

Regardless, the clouds and sky aided a lot in showing off man’s geometric efforts. The clouds also helped with the model planes.


Ok, not that one, but these . . . 

1244_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1246_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1248_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1252_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI

Here’s a perspective shot of the area . . . 


And here are some more planes. By the way, at the time I did a bunch of work removing the poles and making them look like they were flying . . . I’ll have to dig those up as well.

1254_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1255_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1257_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1263_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1265_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1266_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1267_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1269_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1270_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI

Before we headed out, a few more dramatic views of the chapel . . . 

1279_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1280_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1281_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1282_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI

Before leaving, we stopped at the B-52 display . . . 

1304_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1307_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1308_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1310_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI 1311_AFAcademy_12JUL05_B_DIGI

I don’t know . . . maybe I can’t take good photos of this plane . . . I would have another chance in March of 2010.

Meanwhile, we had returned for a visit in October of the same year, 2005. As I mentioned, it must have been family day, or parent’s day, or homecoming, or whichever one of them days where true pomp and circumstance ruled. This time the marching was more precise, more disciplined, more formal . . . maybe they just had a lot of practice.


The chapel still looked good . . . 


. . . and so did a murder of crows that were flying around . . . 


I took the opportunity to snap a few more photos of the static models . . . this time without dramatic clouds, but I tried to include other backgrounds.


By now, eyes glazing over, you are asking yourself “Holy Fudge! How many photos is he gonna post?!”

The only way to know is to keep going.


We avoided the Academy for nearly five years . . . well, avoided is a strong word. 

It got to be more of a hassle to get in and out of there, but in March of 2010 we returned, and this time I was shooting my D200 . . . 

9875_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9877_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9879_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9880_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9886_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9888_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9889_12MAR2010_1_DIGI

There were no marching cadets, but there were cadets out there. They were either being punished for something, or doing some type of strength and endurance exercise.

9901_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9902_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9905_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9906_12MAR2010_1_DIGI

We went to see the Jewish temple . . . 

9913_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9919_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9921_12MAR2010_1_DIGI

They called it the Jewish chapel, but I thought that was not the proper term. Then again, what do I know . . . they called this next one the Buddhist chapel.


OK, I needed me a fix on artistic architectural shots.

9923_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9924_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9930_12MAR2010_1_DIGI

One of my favorite sculptures out there is this one . . . three falcons on a tree. I played with the position of the sun a bit.

9932_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9933_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9935_12MAR2010_1_DIGI

Would you believe I took more photos of the model planes? I’ll only show a few . . . 

9938_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9939_12MAR2010_1_DIGI

. . . and here’s a bit more of the plaza.


Remember half an hour ago, at the opening of this post, where I said my B-52 picture-taking ability was called into question? 

I’ll let my work speak for me . . . 

9953_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9955_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9958_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9960_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9961_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9962_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9963_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9965_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9967_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9966_12MAR2010_1_DIGI

As usual, you can click on any of the photos, and they should open as a larger version in a new tab or window.

Here are the plaques with a write-up on the B-52 and its role in history.

9970_12MAR2010_1_DIGI 9971_12MAR2010_1_DIGI

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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