Quick videos

Sitting at my desk for a few minutes yesterday, I noticed something that amused me.

The music in the background is part of my epic music play list.

Here’s a closer view and different piece.

Hope that was interesting.

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6 Responses to Quick videos

  1. Well it’s certainly not what I listen to but it isn’t unpleasant, so long as it makes you happy and relaxed that’s all that matters when it coes to music. Well thats what I think anyway!



    • disperser says:

      The music was just incidental to the video recording (epic music is what I listen to when writing).

      The video, the optics of the fan reflection on the keys and keyboard) is what was of interest to me.

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  2. HA! That is so cool! :-D I can see the ceiling fan on so many of the keys! Even cooler with that song! :-)
    My keyboard is old…17 of the letters/symbols on the keys are completely worn off. The first to be worn off were the H, U, G, S, and !. I can’t figure out why. ???
    Dizzy-HUGS!!! :-P


  3. AnnMarie says:

    Very mesmerizing keyboard and the music is beautiful. I keep meaning to look into that wonderful epic music you listen to, so thanks for the reminder.
    P.S. “look into” doesn’t sound right, I know . . .


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