NaNoWriMo No. 2 – Chapter 18 pre-post

Another slow day in writing . . . but then I also did another post, and played with some photos.

It occurs to me that at least part of my mission on this rock is to show pictures I have taken, in this case with my phone camera. This is an old water wagon, captured at the Cripple Creek Visitor Center.


I thought it would be neat to do a couple of different B&W versions . . .



Anyway, the important thing is that . . .

Chapters 18 will go live Friday morning in a password-protected post. 

Here’s my progress so far:


I only wrote 1,754 words this evening, which is less than the pace I had set for myself, but I’m still ahead of the curve with a cumulative total of 31,201 words (per Scrivener). This chapter took a bit more care to write, and it had a lot of dialogue.

Also, a plot of sorts is forming in my mind . . . that’s a good thing, right? It’s not as good as an outline, but, hey, I’m an amateur.

On the other hand, I can show you more photos of the wagon, including some close-ups.




For these photos I used a touch of HDR processing. I thought it fit the subject. 

But, enough of that. Here’s my usual ending to these posts.

For them interested in using my spreadsheet, a previous post explains it and provides links for getting either a copy of the Google Docs version, or downloading the Excel Spreadsheet version. That post is HERE.

Anyone wanting to read the novel, please shoot me an e-mail requesting the password, or leave a comment below to that effect.

As a point of information, asking for the password does not mean I will subscribe, or even read, your blog. It just means you get the password. Perhaps I might get curious and check you out, perhaps not. 

One other thing. 

Last year I did a precis . . . I know some people like the precis. I did it last year because I stopped writing for a few months, and then I was not writing regularly.

This puppy is going to be finished before the end of the month. I won’t have time to write a precis, and the timeframe is short enough to perhaps make its absence irrelevant. If not . . . sorry.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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