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I’m avoiding looking at stuff that will set me off, so right now I’m in a decent mood. This, despite laying down and holding a massively bruised leg elevated (it looks like someone bombarded my leg with purple-paint-filled balloons. Massive angry purple hues covering the front, inner, and back part of the thigh, starting at the hip joint, and continuing well below the knee.

The pain, however, is less, and while not exactly comfortable, it’s not my central preoccupation. Eating is, but I’m trying to keep that to a minimum since I’m not currently doing my regular exercises. Were I to eat as I normally do . . . well, let’s just say I would quickly look like Depardieu.

Also, winter is coming down from up North to visit us.


Mind you, there won’t be any snow, or very little snow, but temperatures by Wednesday are supposed to dip into the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ranges. As I write this, it’s 67° outside, and very pleasant. Tomorrow it’s supposed to top out at 50°, with overnight lows into the lower teens.

Tuesday . . . 27° will be the high, and we’re not likely to even get near it because of the elevation where we live. Wednesday the high is supposed to hit 18°, but I doubt we’ll get much past single digits. I too have a single digit for this kind of weather.

It increases our desire to move someplace like this. Specifically this, since ‘this’ was taken on the Big Island of Hawaii.


One thing with very cold days and nights . . . the moisture in the air says something along the line of “screw this!” and goes elsewhere until the weather warms up  (maybe by next week). That means nighttime viewing and shooting of celestial objects should be very nice . . . if one can stand being outside for more than a few seconds.


Also, I hope all the birds will have already left. There won’t be much opportunity for wading by the end of next week.


So, what else is going on in my life?

Well, I’m growing a beard. I do that every year, just because I don’t think I’m ugly enough. I actually wore a beard from the time I quit GM (1983) to the mid-2000s, when splotches of white started to appear. The main reason for not shaving, and not “grooming” my beard was to cut down on the number of women and guys hitting on me. The other tactic was not to smile much. 

Don’t get me wrong; I’m no great catch. I finally concluded people were just too damn vain to wear glasses. Regardless, beard plus no smiling usually did the trick. Sarcasm took care of the straglers.

Anyway, when the gray started to come in I hoped it would be evenly dispersed through the beard, giving me a pleasant salt-and-pepper look, but instead it was more like forgot-to-wash-the-face kind of look, with uneven distributions of solid gray and solid dark areas.

I started shaving, something that I don’t like very much, but can put up with. However, in the hope that white hair will one day dominate my face, I check every year.

This next animation shows my 2009 beard attempt (and subsequent return to clean shaven status (except for my mustache).


This is a rarity . . . I don’t normally like to show my face around; scares people, it does. But, this being a Sunday post, few people will see it, and fewer still will read it, and fewer still will get past he first paragraph. I think I’m pretty safe; no more than one or two people will run screaming from their screens.

Here’s a fun and interesting fact about the above; in both photos I was trying for a relaxed, friendly, and ‘natural’ expression. I would look at the camera, relax, think happy thoughts, and really tried to exude friendliness.

I would then look at the resultant picture, and the first thought that crossed my mind was “angry-serial-killer”. After twenty photos or so, I picked the most friendly-looking I could find. So that’s it; that’s my friendly look.

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul . . . proof positive, then, that I am, in fact, soulless.

That is from a tad more then five years ago. By now I’ve crossed into negative-soulless levels; not only do I not have a soul, but I suck the soul out of everyone I come in contact with. It’s god’s plan for me.

Speaking of god, I’ve been doing pretty well avoiding deep discussions with them religious folks. Mind you, I would still like explanations for things like these . . .

Creationist incest

Pregnant with myself

I mean, I laugh when I read those, but then I get sad . . . that’s exactly what people believe. And they vote.

Speaking of which, my phone has been quiet for the past few days . . . I think the elections are over, finally. No, wait . . . something about a presidential election. Shit!

As much as I resist watching the news, I do come across stuff. Sometime I think it’s funny . . .

post elections

. . . even if it really isn’t. Other times I grit my teeth, knowing stupidity really does seem to rule the land.

Your Side of the Wall

The Republicans are all happy now . . . forgetting they actually have to do something besides being dicks.

Democrats, on the other hand, are looking for all sorts of reasons why they lost some ground. They could just admit they were being dicks, and people got fed up, but instead they are blaming the public for, you know, voting.

Even more annoying, when they won big before, they were all “the people have spoken; suck it up, Republicans!”

Now it’s “it don’t mean nothing; people are to stupid to know what they want; we’re going to do what we think all the people who did not care enough to vote want us to do”.

Honest, if there ever were any heroes in politics, and I am less and less inclined to think so, I’m pretty sure reality is finally hitting hard, and many people are beginning to see they have been sold an idea that is much different from the truth.


By the way, I don’t own any of the images other than my photos. I see them around the web, and I’m using them with the understanding I make no claim to them. Should anyone have any objections to their use here, please let me know, and I will either give proper credit (for the ones that don’t have their owners’s signatures), or I will remove them.

I am often on the lookout for stuff that tickles my funny bone. For instance, from a few days ago . . . 

Blondes farm

See, humor works when there’s a touch of truth to it. Of course, not all presenters, reporters, commentators at Fox are blondes. But, roll that die, turn on Fox, and the odds are pretty good some blonde will be staring back at you, usually saying stuff like “I just don’t see why the majority here in the US has to take into consideration the needs and wants of the minority”, or “Of course Jesus and Santa Claus are white!” (Thanks Megyn.)

Now, you might think I watch a lot of Fox News. I should, so that I could rebut stuff their viewers tell me, but I lost my stomach for listening to grade-school level reporting. 

Wait, I take that back. I occasionally come across Harris Faulkner’s segments. No yelling, no host and guests talking over each other, but most of all, she often asks the questions I might ask, and she challenges the panelists. That lady, what little I have seen of her, is the only one that impresses me. I used to be impressed by Greta, but it’s that whole question thing. When one of the guest says something on the far end of the stupid spectrum, if you’re not gonna challenge it, you get painted with the same brush.

Lest people think I’m only picking on Fox, I stopped listening to CNN as well. This or that person will tell me some name or other are really good, insightful, and deep thinkers, but whenever I check them out . . .  BAAM! . . . it’s a load of crap.

It all comes down to the fact, and it is a fact, that news organizations cater to people with poor or no critical thinking skills.


Math for dummies

Even as I read and laugh at those, all I really want is help in escaping the crappy reality we live in . . . I want funny without bringing to mind the stuff that would make you lose sleep at night.

Meteor drill

Funny, but that too is a reminder of sorts . . . I mean more things like this . . . 


Sigh! . . . I miss C&H . . . 

. . . they made me forget the world is populated by jerks . . . 

Jerk Permit

. . . and people who are not even trying . . . 

Inferior version

Even when people mean well, few have the skills to execute . . . 


Do you get the feeling that I would love to be able to express my ideas via cartoons? I used to draw, I mentioned before, but have not kept up with the practice, and now it seems beyond my reach unless I give up things I already do. 

I mean, some places make it sound easy, but it’s not. Liberty Meadows expresses nicely my frustration with drawing lessons one can find in books and on the web . . . 

How to draw

That ‘Step 3’ is always a doozy.

Of course, I could use my photos combined with clever captions, like this next example.

not my mom

Who am I kidding! 

The world has me too preoccupied, too lost in the hopelessness of it all . . . 


I should work to be a go-getter, focused on whatever goal I set for myself . . . 


But, instead, it’s all I can do to make it to sleep each night.


. . . and hope for no more cramps.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


Note: if you are not reading this blog post at, know that it has been copied without permission, and likely is being used by someone with nefarious intention, like attracting you to a malware-infested website.  Could be they also torture small mammals.


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11 Responses to Sunday With My Thoughts – Just Stuff

  1. oneowner says:

    I like the selfie with the beard better. Why? ’cause I gots one, too, only mine is almost pure white. I skipped the gray stage and went straight to white. Either way, brave shots. i would never consider doing anything like that because I can’t afford to replace my camera.
    That’s it. This comment has ended.


    • disperser says:

      The one now is coming in more like I want it, but it’s too early to be certain. Maybe by Wednesday I’ll know for sure if I’m keeping it.

      Also, in those days I used to use filters on my lens. It was fairly cheap filter, and worth the shot.


  2. I like facial hair on men! You look handsome with or without it! :-)
    Great shots of the mountain lion and gorilla! They look so thoughtful and at peace. That is a mountain lion, right?!
    HA! :-P The cartoons you chose to post have me snort-laughing! Especially love the “farm for raising blondes…” :-D
    That moon photo is breathtakingly stunning! I can stare at the moon for hours. (But, I don’t howl! ;-) :-D )
    Hope you are having a good RICE day! Still sending healing wishes your way!
    HUGS!!! :-)


    • disperser says:

      First, sorry to hear about your poor vision. I hope you’ll be able to find corrective lenses to help you see better.

      Second, yes, that is a mountain lion, one of four that were rescued young and are now at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs.

      Third, I am a great fan of all sorts of cartoons (as will be evident when I continue my bookcase posts). Even more so when they are but a veneer over some of life’s truths.

      Fourth, there are some night here that are ideal for snapping photos of the moon . . . but still, that was one of my better efforts.

      Lastly, I am still resting, but heat has replaced ice, as it’s time to get the circulation flowing so I can clear up these nasty-looking bruises.

      Thanks for reading.


  3. seekraz says:

    Light-hearted reading this morning…and I love the photo of the mountain lion…very nice, Emilio.


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