NaNoWriMo Word Count Tool

A reader asked me about the spreadsheet I use to track my NaNoWriMo progress. Here’s a repeat of the image that appeared in Last night’s update:


For them who have not read the explanation before, the blue line represents the cumulative addition of the average number of daily words to reach 50,000 words in 30 days, or, a daily increment of 1,666.66 words. If you write exactly 1,667 words per day, your progress will match that blue line.

The red line tracks your actual cumulative word count. If the red line is above the blue line, you are ahead of schedule. If the red line is below the blue line, you need to get cracking to make the deadline.

Both the blue and red lines use the left axis of the chart labeled Total Word Count.

The green line charts your actual daily word count, and it uses the axis on the right side of the chart labeled Daily Count.

Now . . . I have two different charts. One is in Google Docs, and is linked HERE. Clicking on the link will open it in a new window or tab in Google Docs or Google Drive. This works only if you have a Google account. You will not be able to use it as is; you need to save a copy of it, and then you can edit it on your own account.

The sheet is currently blank, and the accompanying chart will not look complete. As soon as you start entering your word count, the totals and the chart will update. Only enter data on the Daily Word Count column (colored green). If you enter numbers elsewhere, you will overwrite existing formulas. 

I suggest having entries for each day, even if it’s zero; the chart will work better. You should just have to enter the daily word count, and everything else should update on its own.

Not everyone has a Google account (!can you believe it?!), so I also made an Excel Spreadsheet that you can save by right-clicking Blank NaNoWriMo Progress, and using “save link as”. That is a 2007 or later version.

If you have an older version of Excel, please save the version from this link Blank NaNoWriMo Progress.

The excel sheet looks slightly different from the Google Version, and the formulas are a bit different because of different behaviors in the programs, but the chart will look the same.

I typically use the Snipping Tool in Window to generate an image of the chart that I then upload onto WordPress. I think this generates a cleaner image, but you can copy the chart directly.

In Google Docs, click on the chart. A small toolbar will appear near the top of the chart itself. On the right (still within the chart boundary) there is a small drop-down arrow which when pressed will show a menu. One of the options is to save the chart as an image. It will save  PNG file. If you go this route, I would advise making the chart larger (select chart, grab the lower corner, drag to resize) otherwise the PNG file will be small.

On Excel there is an option to save as a picture. Its location varies from version to version, but it’s usually associated with the “Paste” option drop-menu. Click anywhere on the chart (on a blank space), and then save as an image.

I hope this is useful to some, but even if it’s not, I had fun tweaking it for for better functionality.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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