Naked Aspens


While one stubborn aspen in the back yard is holding on to its leaves, the ones in front have shed theirs, and I’ve already mulched them. This afternoon, as the setting sun lit them up, I had the idea to take my phone (Samsung Note II), and take a few photos ‘looking up’, as it were. 




These trees are about 30 feet tall, and perhaps a bit more. These photos are taken with the phone held flat, sometimes resting against the trunk, and me saying “shoot!” (yes, the phone camera can be voice activated).

These next two are from runners from these tall trees. Aspens propagate via runners. I used to cut them down when they sprung up in the yard, but now I’m letting them grow, the thinking being I’ll have a nice little grove, and I can get rid of some lawn.



These are about 8 feet tall, and three years old. 

While I was there, I put the phone on the ground to snap a few photos of the ornamental grass I have next to the aspens.



The grass is maybe a foot and a half in height.

I snapped a few more of the younger aspens; it’s a clump of three in one of my flowerbeds . . . 



This next tree is not an aspen; I don’t remember its name, but it’s the same tree that was showcased a few posts back, the one with the copper-like leaves. It’s about 20 feet tall.


After the above shots, I went in to look at the photos, but I then decided to head out again and use Camera Awesome (the SmugMug app) in HDR mode.




This is actually three fairly big aspens trunks very close together. I had never noticed the interference shown in the first photo . . . one of the branches and one of the trunks appear to be cutting into each other.

Also, aspens get hurt rather easily. The big ugly mass in the last photo is a branch that is oozing sap from some damage. That particular branch is not doing very well. 




You can see a few other places where sap is running out, with the corresponding branch either dead or dying.

Aspens don’t have a long life, but as organisms they are very prolific. I have a small grove of about 8 or 9 shoots just from this one tree, and while less than a year old, they are already as tall as me. Two more runners are a few years old and are growing in the rocks between my yard and the road. 

Some of the photos above are from the plant on the other side of my drive, and the smaller aspens above are runners from that tree, as well as another two fairly tall runners that are about 3 years old in one of the other flowerbeds.

In the back yard I’m getting a lot of runners from my neighbor’s aspens. Some might recall I had to move the Tree Swallows nest because of some fast-growing runners. I probably have another 10-12 aspens growing in the back.

The ones in front and the ones in back are not the same kind. The ones in back are growing faster and with fever branches, plus they are shooting almost straight up. The ones in front bush out a bit more, with more forks and less of a defined main trunk.

Well, enough aspen stuff . . . here’s another few pictures, and this post is done and ready to go live in the morning.



That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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13 Responses to Naked Aspens

  1. Gorgeous shots! I love the blue sky :)


  2. Nice!! Our aspens still have some leaves on them but I’m thinking they won’t be around long. We’ve been having quite a bit of wind lately and the leaves are disappearing fast.


    • disperser says:

      Thanks . . . and I wish mine had disappeared; I had to use the blower to get them off the rocks, pushing them onto the grass, and then mulch them with several passes of the mower.


  3. Ooh! The naked aspens against the blue sky are stunning!!! (I think one could say that about naked asses against a blue sky, too! Butt, I digress.)
    I love your looking-up shots! Cool on the voice activated camera phone! :-)
    If you haven’t already figured it out…aspens are my fav tree!
    After the leaves fall off all of my trees…I hope for a strong wind to blow them down the street. Ha. But, most years I have to rake and bag.
    HUGS!!! :-)


  4. oneowner says:

    I like the perspective of shooting up from the trunk. Aspen bark looks great against the blue bg.


  5. AnnMarie says:

    I do like this perspective and background, but you did not indicate which one is Vic, Marty and Berto Aspen. All very Entish to me.


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