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Continuing my new thing I’m sure will be welcomed by few-to-none; dispersing my opinions.

Here we go . . .


Religion: rationalization
I’ve had a few discussions of late with people who proudly point out they are not like “regular” religious folks; they take what they deem useful and moral from the teachings of religions, and adapt it to their own lives while discarding the rest.

I spoke to this before, so I won’t go into it too deeply here but . . . 

If you can come up with your own moral code, can make a determination of what makes sense  and is steeped in human decency and good will, whiskey tango foxtrot do you need a god for?

Honest, folks, if you can rationalize away most of the wacked-out-bat-shit-crazy baggage religions carry around, go that little extra step and recognize your responsibility as a human being living in a human society as sufficient a basis to arrive at ideals and morals anchored in compassion and empathy; no god is needed.

Unless, of course, you still want to hang on to that whole “I’ll live forever” stuff . . . but then you would have to explain a new scenario as to how that might happen, your reasons why you think so (aside the vapid ‘I wanna’), and most of all, your vision for the afterlife.

I mean, I’d like to live forever . . . as me. I’m not interested in living in someone’s wet dream idea of an afterlife, possibly as no more than ‘pure energy’ – whatever that is. You see, I like salami and cheese sandwiches, and I’m pretty sure pure energy has no taste buds.


Religion: hypocrisy
People might already know me and religions don’t see eye-to-eye. All religions.

At the core of religions there is a desire to control, to subjugate, to impose one’s will onto others, and do so beyond the reasonable impositions relating to living as social beings among other humans.

Rather, religions drift more to arbitrary rulings based on myopic and twisted views of How The World Should Be by self-styled ‘leaders’ who are little more than deeply flawed human beings.

But the hypocrisy I want to speak to is not that of religion in general, but that relating to a narrative that has crossed my path in recent weeks.

Specifically, the Christian narrative of condemning the whole of Islamic religion because of the actions of radical Muslims.

Let me be clear about this; as far as religions go, Islam is one of the worst. It’s not because of radical Muslims; Islam sucks across the board. But so does Christianity, only marginally less than Islam. The reason is that Christians mostly gave up physical barbarism years back (kicking and screaming, the majority did, even as a few still call for it).

There are religious folks – Christians and Muslims – who are decent folks, live decent lives, and at most can be charged with not thinking things through, opting instead to rationalize barbaric and ass-backward superstitions into codified manuals they hope will lead them to be, and live as, decent human beings.

Within the ranks of all religions, one can find a wide range of religiosity, from the casual to the fanatic. In other words, religious ranks are made up of the same cross-section that makes up the human race, from decent folks to psychopaths.

That said, I happened to catch some of the Fox News pundits arguing that Islam as a whole should be held to blame for the actions of those who take to the literal interpretation of the Koran. Part of their reasoning is the lack of outcry from moderate Muslims.

Well, if that ain’t the epitome of the pot calling the kettle black!

Where are the outcries by moderate Chirstians for all the shit perpetrated by Christians in the name of Christianity? From denial of basic rights, to oppression of women, to child molestation, to demonstrations holding signs that homosexuals should die, to lobbying for draconian laws to kill homosexuals, to the actual killing of homosexuals, to the willful spreading of falsehoods regarding disease and safe sex resulting in the death of millions, to the literal burning of witches? 

I’m talking to you Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly, and Bill O’Reilly. I actually heard Hannity berate a Muslim cleric for Islam’s treatment of homosexuals. Are you foxtrotting kidding me!? 

Another instance has Megyn, straight-faced, ask why the majority should listen to the minority, and why the minority (a.k.a. atheists) should have any rights. This is from a lawyer (honest; that’s what her bio says). 

I don’t have the room or time to list Bill’s inane and often insane stuff about religion. The guy makes up his own stuff, much like I mention above, but, you know, more stupid-like.

Some people think those three are idiots who are incapable of recognizing logical fallacies, inconsistencies in their message, and are just plain dumb when it comes to facts.  

But I don’t; I think they are smart and know exactly what they are doing, making them the worst kind of ideologues; lying bastages who hope the people listening have their brains on park. 

Sadly, more than half of the time their hopes are well-founded.

Addendum: let me plug the book “Killing History: Jesus In The No-Spin Zone“, by Robert Price. It’s a rebuttal, by an actual Bible scholar, of O’Reilly ghost-written “Killing Jesus”.

Not that his listeners are actually interested in facts and no-spin (despite the tag line of Bill’s show), but maybe, just maybe, one of two of them might take it upon themselves to do some fact-checking. Nah! . . . but the book is an entertaining read even for people whose eyes are open.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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