Sunday With My Thoughts – Ebola

Continuing my new thing I’m sure will be welcomed by few-to-none; dispersing my opinions.

Here we go . . .

Current Events: Epidemics
Ebola is as Ebola does, and what it does right now is spread.

Frankly, I don’t have the confidence in our government to:
a) be up-front about how they failed to keep it from coming here
b) contain it now that it is here
c) actually care about it other than as a vehicle to sway opinion

I just read this morning how banning travels to and from the countries with the outbreaks is not an effective solution.

Pardon me? Apparently, keeping potentially infected people out of the country is not an effective solution, and could make the Ebola outbreak worse?

Would someone please explain that to me?

Here’s what the head of the CDC said:

“Frieden said the CDC would consider any and all precautions, but warned that a travel ban could make it harder to get medical care and aid workers to regions dealing with the outbreak.”

You’re kidding me, right?

Am I really being told that we could not work out a system where we don’t allow civilian travel to or from those countries, but allow doctors and aid workers to travel into those countries and then quarantine them for three weeks when they leave?

Haven’t we done a similar thing with Cuba for over 40 years? Well, except for the quarantine bit, but we did restrict travel to only ‘sanctioned personnel’. Why is it we can’t do that in this case?

Here’s another thing he said:

“As we anticipated, the arrival of the first Ebola patient in the U.S. has really increased attention to what health workers in this country need to do to be alert and make sure a travel history is taking,(sic)”

This is in contrast to the president saying Ebola coming to American shores is “unlikely”. How does “unlikely” translates into “As we anticipated”?

CNN HERE tells us there is no reason to panic. Pay attention to the ‘extensive’ screening mentioned in the article when the reporters returned from visiting the affected countries.

Here’s the other thing I can’t understand . . . we restrict US flying to other countries all the time, often for ‘security’ issues. Just this past July the FAA had a travel ban to Israel for said reasons.

The president specifically said Ebola was a serious national security threat, and even committed troops to fight it (?! – the defense department has yet to provide a specific mission plan for the estimated 6,000 troops that will be deployed in West Africa; one presumes they are researching the availability of very tiny smart bombs and miniscule bullets to bomb and shoot the offending virus). It sure sounds to me like the administration, the FAA, and the CDC should do their jobs and keep us from this serious national threat.

It sounds like I’m picking on the president, and I’m sure some idiot will label me a racist because of it, but let me assure you that my confidence in the honesty and capabilities of our government is completely independent of any race, religion, sexual orientation, or broccoli preference.

While I agree and confirm in principle that governments ‘should’ be the most qualified to handle these kinds of situations, I am pessimistic of their capability to do so. Not because of any political affiliation or agenda, but because of what I am hearing, reading, and seeing. 

The government and associated departments seem like a bunch of Keystone cops, at least for now . . . until the shit hits the proverbial fan, and then, in typical fashion, they will overreact, likely in response to panic-stricken and uninformed people demanding ‘action’. 

Why do I say this? Because we live in the era of political correctness, immense bureaucracies, and officials that are appointed out of political favor rather than because of their qualifications. Even when officials are qualified, we don’t hear their professional opinions; we hear, instead, the ‘official’ statements, often written by PR departments.

Honest, I would like to see all politicians, airline executives, immigration officials, CDC officials, and FAA officials all on the front lines of the fight against the disease, and without a hazmat suit on.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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6 Responses to Sunday With My Thoughts – Ebola

  1. oneowner says:

    Of course the politicians, airline executives, immigration officials, CDC officials, and FAA officials would be in the Ebola effected countries when the travel restrictions were in place.


  2. renxkyoko says:

    Agreeing again, 100 %. I don’t get why we can’t restrict travel to and from Ebola infested countries. That guy who came from Liberia isn’t even American. He has a tourist visa, but now we’ll be spending over a million dollars to keep him alive. That guy knew he had been infected… and yet he came here to the US. It made me angry as h*ell. And that lady who was infected and was brought back here…. during her press conference, he thanked the doctors and God, but never thanked the government ( US taxpayers ) who shouldered all the expenses, including the chartered flights. When asked if she would go back to Liberia…. she said yes., looking and acting like Mother Theresa. Well, lady, it’s ypur own look-out from hereon. Sorry, I think I ranted.


  3. Ebola has been around for nearly 40 years, that we know of. It takes one case in the US for the US people and media to get excited while thousands have died in Africa in those preceding years? Where was the interest then?


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