Washington 2004 – Loose Ends

A two week trip in the Fall of 2004 resulted in a number of posts covering the Olympic Peninsula, Oregon, Mount St. Helen, Mount Rainier, and Boeing’s Museum of Flight, to mention a few. Some of the photos from that trip were also used in other posts . . . but now we have come to the end.

This post will close out the series, and it covers a drive we took that passed through two locations of interest; Deception Falls and Roslyn.


We started off from our motel in Bellingham and followed the route marked above. Deception Falls was not really something we had known or read about. We blew by them in our rented Volvo station wagon, and I practically stood on the brakes, did a u-turn, and stopped at the park.

It was a nice place to eat some of our snacks, but my interest was more focused on the sights than the food.

This marked one of the first times I shot bracketed sequences with the idea of merging them into an HDR photo; never did anything with those until now. This is the result of merging three photos in the HDR processor in Photoshop:

DSC_0005 - hdr_Deception_Falls_DIGI

As usual, you can click on the photos for a larger view, or go to the SmugMug Gallery HERE.

If you do, you will see the photo has the typical HDR-look . . . it looks interesting, but ‘off’.

However, as I mentioned in my post about shooting RAW and as I mentioned in the post about Mt. Rainier, tools are now such that I can take the three bracketed photos I used to generate the above, and individually adjust them to acceptable levels.

. . . and here they are:

DSC_0001_Deception_Falls_DIGI DSC_0002_Deception_Falls_DIGI DSC_0003_Deception_Falls_DIGI

Of course, the photos as taken did not look like that. For instance, that last photo as shot looks like this:


I’ll mention once again how much I love digital versus film; you see, had I shot this in film, the above is the print I would have received; I would have cursed the non-existent vapid gods and, shaking my fist to the sky, I would have sworn an oath of “Never again!” . . . except that other than quitting photography, I would not have been able to fulfill that oath.

Washington, at least near where I was visiting, is very wet . . . these falls were really showing off, moving tons of water through channels carved out of solid rocks, roaring with abandon, and acting all powerful-like.


It was a different scene slightly upstream, but even there you could see power coursing through the flow, just waiting for a chance to let loose.


. . . and let loose it did . . .


Yes, I had my tripod, and I shot a lot of slow-water (a.k.a. velvet water) shots. Here are a few (there are more in the SmugMug gallery).

DSC_0012_Deception_Falls_DIGI DSC_0018_Deception_Falls_DIGI

But slow-water shots don’t convey the joy of unrestrained water rushing, and roaring, over rocks . . .

DSC_0019_Deception_Falls_DIGI DSC_0020_Deception_Falls_DIGI

Here, let me show you a direct comparison; two shots of the same location.

DSC_0025_Deception_Falls_DIGI DSC_0027_Deception_Falls_DIGI

I know I sound like a broken record, but these small renderings do not do the photos justice. If you don’t plan to visit the SmugMug gallery, at least click on a few of these to get a slightly better and larger version of the photos.

We were there nearly an hour, and only in the last fifteen minutes or so did the sun make an appearance.



That gave me the opportunity to wander along the trails and capture a sense of the place. A wet place.

These next shots are a tad annoying to me because I snapped them free-hand (no tripod), but I did not up the shutter speed, so they are not as sharp as I would like. Into each life a little shi . . . er . . . crap must fall.


It’s not obvious in the photos, but everything is wet and dripping.


I really wanted those small mushrooms in focus . . . oh, well.


The path mostly followed the water, often very close to it.

DSC_0059_Deception_Falls_DIGI DSC_0061_Deception_Falls_DIGI DSC_0063_Deception_Falls_DIGI DSC_0064_Deception_Falls_DIGI

The tree in the next shot impressed me . . . I think it wanted to ensure nothing would topple it.


As much as I like the dryness of places where I currently live, I can, and do, appreciate these views.

DSC_0066_Deception_Falls_DIGI DSC_0071_Deception_Falls_DIGI

We resumed our trip to Roslyn . . . “Why Roslyn?

Why, good question, Bob. Let me give you a hint.

DSC_0072-RoslynWA_DIGI DSC_0073-RoslynWA_DIGI

That’s right . . . we used to watch Northern Exposure. For a few seasons Roslyn, WA, doubled for the fictional town of Cicely, Alaska. 

The Brick was owned by Holling Vincoeur, the general store by Ruth-Anne Miller. Together with an odd assortment of characters, they kept us entertained for a number of seasons before the series, as series often do, wandered off from what made it interesting, and landed into the absurd and contrived.


Only a few Roslyn locations were used by the show to lend a background to the weekly stories. In fact, it was shocking to see just how little was used. It amounts to no more than a couple of blocks. Roslyn, the town, has its own history independent of the TV show, and you can read it HERE.

The town has a number of murals; some celebrate fictional characters . . . 


. . . while others honor real people who struggled to make a living there . . . 


By far the most recognizable mural is the one for Roslyn Cafe.

DSC_0080-RoslynWA_DIGI DSC_0081-RoslynWA_DIGI

An apostrophe-s was added for the the show so that the sign read Roslyn’s Cafe, Roslyn being the founder of Cicely.

DSC_0085-RoslynWA_DIGI DSC_0086-RoslynWA_DIGI

The building that was used to house Dr. Fleischman’s office is now (or was when I was when I was there) an antique and souvenir shop, although it retains the writing on the window.


We tried to rewatch the show last year, but could not get into it. Joel is an annoying whiner, and the ‘quirkiness’ we had liked, and that hooked us, had lost its appeal.

I’m not sure what I can draw from it . . . we either got jaded, or we grew to hate the world around us drifting toward everyone whining about something or other, thus making the whining act not so much a thing of humor, but an annoyance. 

Regardless, we’ll hold on to the memory of liking the show by never watching it again.

As I mention, there is history associated with the town. I don’t know if this totem pole is part of it . . . 


. . . but this memorial is:


This concludes the documentation of the two weeks we spent in Washington in the fall of 2004. At the time we were looking for a place to move to that was not Michigan.

At the end of 2004 we opted for Colorado, and so far we’ve not had occasion to regret our choice. 

But, we are looking again, and once more Washington is in play as a possible destination. Perhaps we need another trip up there to refresh our memory. 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.

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