Mini-update 4

Still away, but we will be on the way home when this post goes up . . . 

Continuing with the plane-and-car motif, from the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, I give you Tomcat. 

Naval Aviation museum - Tomcat

Naval Aviation museum – Tomcat

Never realized how big these planes are until I stood under one . . .

OK, let me get back to the old Fords . . . as a reminder, here’s the row of cars I’m referencing.


I’ll resume my narrative with the wooden vehicle next to the tow truck I showcased on the last post.


This is an open-bed truck, and can be had for $10,000. I assume this has been restored, at least as far as the exterior is concerned.


Here’s a different view of it . . .


And here are a few details from both the interior and the exterior.

wpid-20140928_160903_hdr_1.jpg wpid-20140928_160802_hdr_1.jpg

Talk about simple and elegant interiors. And, of course, a functional and far from ostentatious exterior.

Here’s a few different treatments of the above photos.

wpid-20140928_160658_hdr_1.jpg wpid-20140928_160752_hdr_1_20140929095248715.jpg wpid-20140928_160809_hdr_3.jpg wpid-20140928_160809_hdr_2.jpg wpid-20140928_160903_hdr_1_20140929102404125.jpg

The wood gives it a unique look, and speaking of unique looks . . .


You’ve seen this in the background, but here it is. This is a very clean machine, both outside and in.


Of course, the reflections on the flat glass keep the inside from prying eyes. Also, I’m not sure about the exterior color. It might have been a legend, but I thought it was Ford who famously said “You can have any color you want as long as it’s black.” I think Ford did offer different paint colors, but I don’t think this was one of them.

My guess is that the coral blue exterior is (or was) an after-market thing. Maybe not. I’m not sure why, but I only took one exterior photo of the blue car, although it does show up in the background of other photos.

For instance, this one.


The above vehicle is a . . .


The smear is me forgetting to take the phone camera out of panorama mode . . . yes, I’m occasionally fallible, but only when I make a mistake.

Here’s another treatment of the car; once again I try to recreate the ‘look’ that I liked for a previous shot. There might be an option in Snapseed to save settings, but if there is, I’ve not found it. One of the few things I don’t like about what is otherwise a great and free photo editor.


Not too bad, this . . . I probably should start a file documenting the effects I do like, but they are combinations of a number of steps, so documenting every step is not something that I am likely to do. When I post-process these shots I go back and forth between options, changing stuff until I get the look I want. The processes are cumulative, and it would be a royal pain to write everything down.

Here’s the next car . . .


Of course, after a while they all start to blend in.


As I mentioned, I processed all these on my phone while sitting in a waiting room. I’m there again, waiting and writing this as I try to block out some very loud inconsiderate people who labor under the impression everyone around them is immensely interested in the sound of their voices and the banal events in their lives.

They are greatly contributing to my mounting dislike and disgust for the majority of human stock on this rock.

Anyway, back to processing. Since I had so many photos, I tried to explore various combinations of effects. I call this next one “Dreamy-Shiny Crap on Old Car“.


 . . . too subtle, I think. It looked more pronounced on the phone’s screen.

Around this time, as I was circling the cars looking for interesting shots, I remembered my perspective post . . .


I did not have my tripod with me and the phone does not have a mount for the tripod. Also, the sun being very bright (it usually is), I did not want to hold the phone way above my head as I would not have been able to see the screen to frame the photo. I could, however, squat down to get a shot from a lower perspective.

However, as I was not on my own and I did not want to impose on the other person by slipping into my photo-taking trance, this was the only ‘low’ shot I took.

As I was processing the shots, I was reminded of my first foray with Pixlr-o-matic (I am now using the variant Pixlr Express, but it has essentially the same processing options), and at the time I liked the application of the ‘Space’ overlays. I tried a number of them here, but this next effort was the only one that came close to me liking.


I don’t think these cars make good subjects for the Space overlays.

This particular vehicle had an interesting rear architecture.


I thought this made it a decent candidate for one of the creative processes . . .


. . . although I wished the process would give me the option of choosing the insets.

There was only one car left, and the person I was with was beginning to fidget, so I took a few quick photos before leaving.



I should mention I share the border of my back yard with a neighbor who has a similar car to this one. It is a testament to my claims regarding socialization that I am 1,600 miles away from home photographing this vehicle in the middle of Illinois, and that I never asked, nor will ask, my neighbor if I could photograph his car.

The last shot I took was one like I should have been doing all along; getting architectural and aesthetic details of the vehicles.


And, because this was the last photo of these, I tried a number of processes, and because I like long posts, I will add them all here. Don’t worry, it sounds like there will be a lot, but there’s only three, which happen to be all of them.


That’s adding a bit of the ‘Drama’ filter . . . again, somewhat subtle, although it looked more pronounced on the phone’s screen.

Here’s a slight push toward grunge . . .


. . . and finally, a shot at B&W.


So, this takes me through all the photos I took.

By the way, as usual for my posts, all of the photos – if clicked – should open as a larger version in a new tab or window. I don’t however, have a SmugMug gallery of them. Perhaps some other time.

Hmm . . . I still have a fair wait before we head out, so perhaps I will try my hand at another piece of flash. Although, I keep getting interrupted by well-meaning people who seem uncomfortable with me keeping to myself and not interacting.

. . . I really need to work on my “stay the heck away from me” look . . . 


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15 Responses to Mini-update 4

  1. I’m liking the cars, not sure about all the processing. Do you think they improve the original or is this your creative streak? That ‘plane looks phallic.


    • disperser says:

      Not sure about the question . . . every photo you have ever seen is ‘processed’ to some extent, however, I’ll assume you mean the ones where the processing either goes away from ‘photo-realistic’ as we are used to today, or are processed as ‘photo-realistic’ might have looked 40, 50, or even 100 years ago.

      The catch-all answer is “I was bored, had the time, and spent it playing with various effects”.

      The other aspect of the question is the usage of the word “improve”. I could ask if adding a sauce to pasta ‘improves’ the pasta. Personally, I like plain pasta with butter and lightly salted more than pasta with sauce, but both are degrees of ‘like’. For meat, grilling, baking, and smoking all give different results, with people settling on personal favorites, and swearing by them.

      Same with some fruit. I happen to like strawberries with sugar and also with chocolate. I’d be hard pressed to state either of those ‘improves’ the fruit itself; it’s different, and for some people either may be the greatest thing ever, while others would prefer the plain fruit.

      I dip apples slices in sugar, and most people think I’m nuts – well, they think I’m nuts regardless, but when I sugar the apples they think me an ‘improved’ nut.

      As for the plane, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and some maintain we each see only what we want to see.

      . . . so I’ll say ‘not to me’, but can’t speak to what others dream about.


  2. sandra getgood says:

    Was that the original “woodie?’ Great-looking car! I suspect that people bother you when you’re taking pictures because you’re having fun. And they’re not.


  3. oneowner says:

    Some of those cars and trucks look in better shape than my 2013 model. Probably run better, too.


  4. Great photos! I really love the old cars! :-)
    But, wow, the Tom Cat is impressive AND stunning! ;-)
    The “stay the heck away from me” look doesn’t work on me. ;-) I’m very outgoing and talkative to people (even “strangers”) in public. :-D
    Have a safe trip home! :-)
    HUGS!!! :-)


  5. What an impressive collection of cars! I couldn’t have a favorite. Wonderful captures and I’m sorry for the hostility :S


  6. Lovely photos of vintage cars, disperser. Love that cobalt blue exterior. I still lust after a 57 Chevy – even though I know it would be impractical because of the gas requirement. They are beautiful cars, though. ;-)


    • disperser says:

      There are a number of 50s and 60s cars I really liked, but yeah . . . one problem is the gas (although you can get additives to help mitigate problems), but the other is maintenance.

      If I owned one, I would want to drive it.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. AnnMarie says:

    In answer to the question if the Model T came in any other colors, this is what Ford’s website (under Heritage) has to say: In 1914, Ford produced 308,162 cars, more than all other automakers combined. It was also in 1914 that the Model T, in the interest of streamlining production, was no longer available in red, blue, green or gray; it was now available in “any color so long as it is black.” Also, there is a great video about Henry Ford’s life and accomplishments on PBS Video American Experience that shows car after car spewing out of the factory (sometimes 1000 a day).

    As for this nice and long post, you did a great job presenting those oldies in very creative ways. If I collected vintage cars, I could see myself driving that wooden open-bed truck and the blue car. They have a neat look about them.


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