It’s a rainy day in Colorado

That would make a catchy title for a song . . . except, maybe, Colorado should be changed to something evoking peaches.

Oh, before I continue, this is a long post. Many pictures, a few links, and the usual witty prose will make it seem as it’s just long, but trust me . . . it’s looong. Here be some estimates for interacting with this post:

Skimming – 1 minute
Reading – 7 minute
Looking (really looking) at pictures: 13 minutes
Reading and looking at pictures: 3 hours, seven minutes, and 23 seconds
Just clicking on ‘Like’ after looking at one photo: 3 seconds

Right! On with the show.

Rain, and I mean constant rain, has been falling since yesterday evening. It started as a downpour, changed to a steady rain, and settled into a drizzle that gets everything soaking wet. And I mean everything. The ground is soaked – it actually squishes when I walk in the backyard. That’s something I’ve not experiences here since . . . well, never.

Did I mention the temperature is in the low 50’s? That’s US units, not that funky decimal system.

These last few days have been good for baking. To be clear, I’m not the baker . . . I’m the person benefitting from the baking.

20140728170922 20140728170929

That’s the prep work for Pinza (actually Pinze, plural). Read one description of the bread – with recipe – HERE. I’m not endorsing that recipe, and I’m especially not endorsing what they say about eating Pinza. There are only two accepted ways of eating Pinza (three if you count eating it plain). Suggesting there are more Is. Simply. Wrong.

Suggesting it goes well with ham is  . . .  excuse me, I must compose myself  . . . well, I can’t say what I think because I’d have to go out and learn some new swear words, or even resort to swearing in Croatian.

The two, and only two, ways to eat Pinza is to either dunk it in tea, or use it to make a Nutella sandwich with it. The dunking is dependent on the consistency of the bread. Light and fluffy won’t work. Cut back on the lievito a bit, use one less egg yolk, do whatever bakers do to make heavier breads. To be sure, you can still make Nutella sandwiches with the heavier Pinza (some even prefer that).


That’s from yesterday, and half is already gone, along with a fair amount of Nutella.

The other baking effort involved Apricot-Walnut Strudels . . .

20140728170906 20140728170916

Those two were made yesterday (one half of one was gone by last night), and two more were baked today (a third of one has already disappeared). Our preferred way of eating it is with powdered sugar . . .


The photos above were taken with the Samsung Note II, so are not optimal , but they give the idea of what I’ve been eating (am eating as I write this).

BUT . . . eating is not the only thing I’m doing. I’m also taking a day (maybe two) off from the chores associated with owning a home. I was going to write, but instead decided to shoot some photographs. I mean, how often am I going to have a chance to shoot in this kind of weather?

Now, anyone who knows me knows I would not want to get my camera and lenses wet. But my only potential assistant was baking, and umbrellas don’t hold themselves up on their own. However, I am an engineer by trade . . . that didn’t help me much, but I have a belt. I hooked the handle of the umbrella under my belt, and used my left arm to both support the camera and keep the umbrella upright. It worked like a charm . . . despite neighbors coming out of their homes to point and laugh.

Anyway, a number of posts ago I wanted to show the homestead; the place where some of my photography takes place. The problem? Bright day, hard sun, difficult to make anything look nice. Not so today.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

Astute readers might note something . . . this is a different process than what I’ve been using for the better part of two+ months.

You see, I usually pick a few photos, run my usual processing, run a few alternatives (including playing with new settings), and then decide which to use. I picked the above based on a few photos, and ran all 97 photos through the same process in batch mode.

Unfortunately, that process did not work for some photos, especially the macros. I ended up rerunning all the photos using my standard post-processing. For them interested, here’s the comparison between the two, the next one being how I would have normally processed it.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

It gets worse . . . I went out, shot a bunch of photos in Aperture mode, came in, checked them out, was not sure I liked them, and went out again to shoot in manual mode. Then I changed lenses, and went out again to shoot the macros.

Yes, this qualifies as a WPLongform post. Don’t worry, I will not be posting all 194 photos here . . . but they are all in the SmugMug Gallery HERE.

Some shots are obviously duplicates, one shot in Aperture mode, and one shot in Manual mode. The composition might be different, too . . . here, let me show you a couple to illustrate what I mean . . .

First, in Aperture mode . . .

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

Similar photos shot in Manual mode . . .

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

And just to complete the circle of (comparison) life . . . the last two with standard Disperser processing . . .

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

Confusing? That’s OK; I have a hard time keeping track of stuff as well . . . yesterday I misplaced one of my machetes.

Anyway, having gotten all that out of the way, let me walk you through the progression of photos I took in the rain . . .

You already saw the first few, so here are the others from the front of the house and looking toward the street.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

Notice I am indiscriminately switching between processes . . . as I said, the SmugMug gallery has both versions of each shot. I’m just saying it for the one person that will go there.

I then wanted to show a few shots of the yard as it looks from the road, and of the house as it looks from the yard. A few of the shoots are already used in the examples above, and are not repeated here.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

Then I wanted to showcase the flowerbeds.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

. . . and the clematis plants in bloom . . .

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

I then decided it’s high time my readers see the back of the house . . . see if you can spot the gargoyle.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

The hummingbird photos from the previous post were shot from the brown chairs between the umbrella and the house.

Oh, by the way . . . the daisies are in bloom.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

Here’s what the house looks like from the daisy’s point of view.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, You can see a few hummers flying around . . . there be more.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

There be seven in that photo . . . could be more, I did not check too closely.

This is what they look like from inside . . .

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

About then I decided to shoot some macros, but not before snapping a fee more photos on the way to getting my macro lens.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

That’s Snoopy on the last photo. That rock came with us from our cabin in the UP. I know it looks more like Yoda than Snoopy, but there’s a view where the shape of the rock looks like Snoopy atop his doghouse. It’s hard to show it now because in the original setting it was angled downward, and we could see it plainly from the cabin’s porch.

Anyway, on to the macros . . . I decided to shoot macros because every surface had impossibly balanced drops (beads?) of water on them.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

They don’t look real  . . . and they don’t look real in person, especially considering there was a slight breeze. I kept wondering how those did not roll off the surface (Answer: surface tension). The above is a perpendicular view from above the flower.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

Did I mention everything is super-saturated? That water is everywhere? That everything is soaked? Well, it is.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

The balloon flowers are probably my favorite captures . . .

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

And cobwebs! You don’t notice them much on the rocks . . . but they are there, and all you need is a little water to bring them out.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

That’s worth clicking on, or even going to the SmugMug gallery.

It need not be flowers or cobwebs to look interesting . . . any ole branch would do.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

. . . or even lilies . . .

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

The Stella D’Oro wanted in on the action . . .

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

Oh, look! . . . another cobweb.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

These flowers looked great in person, but also shine in these next photos.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

I was hoping for more out of the clematis . . .

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

. . . but the daisies did not disappoint.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

Here’s a plant that is growing at the edge of my patio . . . I like how it looks, so I’m sparing it from weeding.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

OK, I need to wind this down so I can go eat some Pinza with Nutella (ham . . . bejeezeus H. Christopher!).

Here be some zinnias . . .

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

Notice there is no beading of the water on them . . . slick!

. . . maybe; I don’t know why they don’t bead.

OK, we’re on the home stretch; just a few more . . . first, a random leaf I thought looked nice.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

Then moss growing at the edge of my patio . . . 

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day, 2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

And finally, another daylily.

2014 Flowers, Rainy Day,

It’s now been raining more than 24 hours . . . we love it. Probably because we know at any time we may go a couple of months without any rain. Today, and at least for a week or two, there’s little danger of fires popping up all over the place.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o o o o o o ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cast Snowflake

Cast Snowflake

Astute persons might have noticed these doodles, and correctly surmised they hold some significance for me, and perhaps for humanity at large.  

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16 Responses to It’s a rainy day in Colorado

  1. K@TIE :) says:

    Amazingly beautiful flower!


  2. oneowner says:

    I can help you with that Apricot-Walnut Strudel if it’s too much of a burden. No charge.


  3. seekraz says:

    Damn, EJ…the yard’s looking kinda bare…why don’t you plant something?!!?!!

    What a beautiful homestead…I don’t think I’d ever want to leave…nope, working from home today…tomorrow…until I retire…..


  4. renxkyoko says:

    Your hummingbirds are generous. Our hummingbirds here are greedy and not so nice. They don’t want to share a feeder and are very territorial. And your garden is just amazing,


  5. sandra getgood says:

    Everything looks so new and fresh…the gardens, the house, the hummingbirds, the tasty-looking food. Have to pass on the Nutella, by the way…sorry. But just plain would be fine!

    Those hummingbirds seem to be on their best behavior. They look very dignified and polite. Must be that you are a particularly good photographer…that would be my guess.


    • disperser says:

      They fight pretty good, great aerial battles that are difficult to capture. However, there are lulls. That was a moment when they all sat to drink . . . a few seconds later a new one comes in, and it’s like tossing a ping-pong ball on a floor full of armed mouse traps. Pandemonium ensues.

      As for Nutella . . . eh, plain is just fine as well, AND as long as it’s not ham.


  6. AnnMarie says:

    As you know, I’m a great admirer and appreciator of your posts (the nature themed ones especially) but I must say that this one is THE BEST I’VE SEEN RECENTLY!!! All that texture from the moisture has nearly flooded my senses! I’ll have to prepare myself to enter THAT SmugMug gallery . . .

    As for the pinza and drezza (treccia in pure Italian), mother has not been baking them for a while, due mainly to the recent inappropriate ovens and the amount of work (the physical toll it takes on her). If only ER and Suz could bring some back . . . And I’m in complete agreement of the only three ways to eat Pinza (first, dunked in tea; second, with Nutella; and third, plain). But I must add, with reservation (knowing you), that mother eats it only with . . . butter.

    On to your house and gardens: you live in a dream home, surrounded by glorious flora and fauna. But the best part is knowing that you and Melisa appreciate all that. Yes, indeed, that is the best part.

    And now I’m off to meditate on the great pleasure it will be to see the above in Original!!!


    • AnnMarie says:

      I just returned from SmugMug and wholeheartedly endorse this gallery for any color and texture fans! Viewing the photos of the drop-filled flowers in 3X or Original is a visual blast. For an added booster, the two shots of the drops on the web over the rocks will propel you into Detail Heaven!


  7. AnnMarie says:

    Still one of my favorite posts and floral delights!

    Liked by 1 person

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