The Cars – not the group

In January of this year I found myself at the dealer for some maintenance on my Tahoe . . . I walked around a bit . . .

20140109100808 20140109100846 20140109100937

It looked very uncomfortable, with poor visibility, and a price tag that had me shaking my head . . .

Some say that looks good . . . I suppose. I see all manner of impracticality, including not being very good in snow or dirt roads. Plus, that airdam won’t last more than two days around here.

I kept walking . . .

20140109101023 20140109101041 20140109101057

Convertible . . . I don’t know why, but I have an instant dislike for convertibles and convertibles drivers. I’m sure some of them are nice (the drivers, not the cars – the cars suck), but I can’t help think their primary preoccupation in life is to look ‘cool’.

I suppose ‘vette drivers fall in the same category.

Six months later, I find myself dropping off a package at the local UPS store, and in the parking lot . . .

20140723125314 20140723125330

I got to tell you Bob, that car was in great condition. And it must have had something like 30 layers of wax on it.

I mean, it was a bright day (it’s Colorado; every day is a bright day), but the reflections were bouncing off this car like . . . well, shoot! This is embarrassing for a would-be writer!

. . . I seem to be drawing a blank on a metaphor . . . hmm . . . think! Think!

20140723125342 20140723125349

ARGHH! My eyes! . . . I can’t think; I’m blind!

Anyway, reflections were shooting off everywhere, and no matter where I stood, they were aimed at both my eyes and the phone camera lens. That’s right. I had the camera in the car, but opted to use the Samsung Note II since I’d not posted much from it lately.

20140723125407 20140723125414

One of the problem with using the phone is the lack of viewfinder . . . the problem, you see, is that you have to look at the phone’s screen to see what you are shooting at, and the sun and reflections combined to make the task near impossible. I did try to reduce the number of accidental selfies, but I still show up in the 30 layers of wax.


OK, not in this photo, but trust me; either me, or pieces of me, are in a lot of the shots.

By the way, the interior looked immaculate.


There’s my hands and phone, plus the chrome has a full-body shot of me. I hope people don’t think me an exibitionist.


I tried to get some details/macro shots, and my reflection ended up all over the place. I particularly like my reflection on the bumper.


This is a nice shot marred by the BMW in the background trying to look like a Pontiac. 

. . . doing a pretty good job of it, too. Anyway, it was hot, and really sunny, and me without a hat or sunblock . . . I snapped a few more shots, and went on with my life.

20140723125744 20140723125757 20140723125804

For the record, I would probably enjoy driving this car. For one thing, if I hit another car, I would probably not even feel it. For another thing . . . bench seat. There’s nothing like cruising with your gal sitting right up against you. The best I can do with our current cars is hold hands. Still nice, but not the same.

Three days later (Saturday) we went to the Farmer’s Market. More like vendors of cheap trinkets market. They even had a booth with a sign that almost drew me in . . . “What Does the Bible Teach Us?” 

I was strong, and continued on to the booth selling pastries . . . speaking of looking for the meaning of life! 

The other thing there was this . . . 

20140726111327 20140726111420

Once again the phone came out to play while the camera remained in the car (that’s my car in the background, the silver Highlander). Ah . . . more selfies; them were shiny hubcaps.

I gots to tell you, the phone did admirably with what I thought would be a difficult subject on a sunny Colorado day. 

Anyway, here’s a few more . . . 

20140726111436 20140726111443

There is no smugmug gallery for these because despite them looking OK, they are from JPGs and when viewed at full resolution they are not up to the quality of my Nikon shots.

Besides, I think these suffice, and if one is ambitious, one could alway click on the photos to have a larger version open in a new window or tab.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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7 Responses to The Cars – not the group

  1. oneowner says:

    I’ll bet that Olds was an expensive car when new. Two tone with a Hydra-Matic? Somebody loves that car.


    • disperser says:

      As I was leaving I saw the guy open the car door . . . I would have stopped to talk to the man, but he looked as unfriendly as I probably do to others.


  2. sandra getgood says:

    I like the looks of that Oldsmobile. And the truck, too. Why carmakers started putting crazy things like fins and angles on perfectly good cars is beyond me. And I have no idea why people bought them, I like seeing 30’s and 40’s cars driving around in the summer too…maybe on their way to a car show, or maybe just on an outing in the country…, and the people who are driving them obviously love them. Oh, and your pictures are really good. A car that takes the photographer’s picture? Now that qualifies as Awesome.


    • disperser says:

      I used to live in the Detroit area, and the only time I would see old cars was during the Dream Cruise . . . I actually see more antique vehicles here.

      And yes, I was rather pleased with how the photos turned out . . . dang phone is going to make my camera insecure.


  3. haydendlinder says:

    Yeah, you see? The older cars just have more character. This new stuff is just blaaa. Love the photos. I think the phone cam did a great job.


  4. AnnMarie says:

    I have to agree that the Oldsmobile is the show-stealer in this series. It has an elegance that the younger tykes have not inherited.


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