Honolulu Zoo – Flamingoes

Here’s the next set of birds from the Honolulu Zoo

Lesser Flamingoes

Lesser Flamingoes

You might notice I used ‘Flamingoes’ as opposed to ‘Flamingos’ . . . both forms of the plural are accredited, and I prefer to rhyme with tomatoes. The Wikipedia entry for “Flamingo” is found HERE. They list six different species, and based on the description they give, the ones above are Lesser Flamingoes

The shape of their bills, the way the eyes look . . . it makes Flamingoes look like they be crazy! Or at least in a bad mood.

Also, they are a little freakish . . . check out the center guy . . . he’s ‘sitting’ on the back of his knees.

This next bunch were set apart from the ones above.

American Flamingoes

American Flamingoes

These were the others. As best as I can tell, they are American Flamingoes. That’s the name of the species, and not necessarily their nationality . . . although these were, in fact, on American soil.


They are very striking birds, especially in full sunlight.

. . . and then one of the keepers came by, and started throwing food about. That’s where the place exploded with activity.


They came from far and near, high and low; birds of all kinds looking to get stuff for free. They too must be American birds.

It was a nice moment, and I was happy to catch some of it.


As with the Hamerkop photos, I converted these to Black and White; they will be shown in the next post.

All of the Honolulu Zoo photos are available for viewing in their own SmugMug gallery HERE, under the Category Feathers & Fur.

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.


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4 Responses to Honolulu Zoo – Flamingoes

  1. sandra getgood says:

    They are colorful birds, aren’t they? I think their color has something to do with the food they eat….there is a huge flock that is very pink, in Kenya. Even when they are pale pink or white, they do look like characters, don’t they? Lovely, detailed pictures


  2. AnnMarie says:

    As beautiful as these flamingos are (as well as the other birds), your photos of any subjects in general have nearly always a fantastic background. I realize that you really have little say so as to where your subjects happen to be, but nature seems to present them in the best light, so to speak. I guess one can come to the conclusion that the natural world is one harmonious setting.


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