Frosty Sunday – March 2014

The predicted 2-4 inches of snow we were supposed to get overnight were nowhere to be seen. Instead, everything was coated with a heavy layer of frost from a passing cloud.

snow, winter, snow, winter,

There are more details to the photos than can be seen on this size photos . . . but they can be seen in the full size photos in the SmugMug gallery HERE. It’s a small gallery, but some might like the option to go there.

Them are aspens, but they were not the only ones with the white stuff on them. For instance, my Blue Spruce was heavy with the stuff.snow, winter, snow, winter, snow, winter,

And not just in my yard . . . the neighbor’s tree stole some of the frost for itself.

snow, winter,

It left enough for my shrubs . . . 

snow, winter, snow, winter,

I did try some macros, but none came out to my satisfaction, do I junked them . . . I give you, instead, a bunny!snow, winter,

I did not think of it until much later in the morning, but when I did remember, I took a drive down to the pond behind the Library. Do you want to know what I saw?

I saw a duck that had a leg up on winter . . . 

Ducks, Geese, library pond, Ducks, Geese, library pond,

Now, I prefer to think it had a leg up as opposed to only having one leg . . . there, now you too will worry for it.

Oh, yes . . . I took a bunch of other photos. Well, not a tremendous amount, but a few.

Stay tuned . . . 

That’s it. This post has ended . . . except for the stuff below.

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Windows Upon Windows
Windows Upon Windows

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