I wave at you two

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This is a YouTube movie as opposed to an embedded animated GIF. I have one, but the file is almost a 100MB, and would load very slowly unless you have an internet hook-up like mine.

Anyway . . . more waves. What’s up with that!?

Well, Bob, the last post on waves was a general introduction to my fascination with moving masses of water. This post speaks specifically to individual waves. I mentioned the lava that makes up the shoreline  . . . it be very pretty lava, especially as a foreground to waves:


. . . but it be very hard lava. Now, I must cautions readers before proceeding . . . the following can be considered disturbing by some.


That be the outfit I wear commemorating the wonderful show Magnum, P. I.

It’s also the outfit I wear while waking on the lava. A funny thing happens when one is walking on wet lava juggling a tripod, 4-5 lenses, a camera, and trying not to step on tiny shells that probably contain hermit crabs.

One can easily misjudge the coefficient of friction of a given rock, and lose one’s balance. Now, all of my lenses and camera are insured, but rather than go through the hassle of filing claims, when I do slip and head for a fall, I hold the lenses and camera aloft as I head to a not-so-gentle landing on well-meaning lava that tries, but fails, to provide a soft landing.


Rest assured . . . there was nary a scratch on the lenses, camera, or tripod. And even though a wave chose that moment to come visit, and rose to chest level in my seated position, the lenses and camera did not get wet. The tripod got wet because I used it to prop myself back up.

I sported a colorful souvenir, but that’s the price one pays to Pele for the privilege of capturing scenes like these.  




Tell me that water does not look like milk!

One of the sequences in the opening video is of a wave coming in over some rock. Here are a couple of shots from that sequence.




There is a very short video of waves like these coming onto shore as we sat on the break wall at the Casa de Emdeko. Why, here it is!

That was shot as we, and a bunch other guests, were waiting for the sun to set. The shots below are what waves look like in the morning as the sun crests the mountain behind us.


You say you want a close-up? You could go to the SmugMug gallery HERE, but. . .


Black and White? Sure!


This next one shows the wave as it’s going past my vantage point on the lava.


I find waves fascinating right when they begin to break. The water is clear, the spray is fine, and the color changes depending on the angle of the water.


This next one reminds me a bit of the river scene from “Fellowship of the Ring”.


Don’t see it? How about now?


As I mentioned, the impressive part of waves is the amount of volume that propels them. You can only see it if you are looking at the back side of waves. Here are a couple of shots of just that.



The details of a wave are lost to the human eye, but cameras don’t have that problem.




Here’s another wave going by.






If you look closely, a wave can act as a lens, or at least a transparent medium showcasing what’s hidden beneath it. In this case, fish.


7765_MISC_29DEC09_1_DxO_DIGI 7766_MISC_29DEC09_1_DxO_DIGI

Mostly, the wave is worth watching for the play of light on the water . . . 


Don’t forget the SmugMug Gallery HERE.

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Sole Survivor
Sole Survivor

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