Colonialist 77 Short Story – 00001

One of the blogs I follow just started a 77 words short story challenge (HERE). 

The rules are to tell a story in 77 words, including the title. 

The theme for this first one is “The Way“. I could add an optional graphic, but unfortunately, that would give away too much.

Here is my entry for the 


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o o o o o o ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“We’re lost, aren’t we?”

“No, just got turned around a bit.”

“Want to look at the interactive map again?”

“No, that’s what got us here in the first place. I’ll ask the locals for the way.”

“You?  Ask for directions? I’m impressed. Do you think it’s safe?”

“Yeah; they look peaceful enough.”

The cows ignored the spaceship landing, but grew attentive when what looked like a straw bale exited the ship and started walking toward them. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o o o o o o ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The above is an original story by E. J. D’Alise (Disperser)
Copyright  2014

I am a bit unclear about the rules with regards to contractions, but as both of my word processor programs treated them as single words, so did I.

Comments welcomed below. 


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