The Untitled Novel – Chapter 3

Chapters 1 & 2 can be found HERE.

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NaNoWriMo Novel 01 – Untitled

Chapter 3 – Attack and Response

Copyright 2013, E. J. D’Alise

Rocca woke in an infirmary. Her aide and two of her personal guards were in the room with her. She could see more of her guards out in the hall.

“How long was I out?” She sat up as she spoke, and immediately regretted it. Her arm was wrapped close to her chest, and sitting up pulled on her shoulder. As the pain hit, she struggled and failed to remain in the sitting position. She sank back down on the pillows that had been supporting her.

“About eight hours.” Evane, her aide, moved up and adjusted the pillows as she answered.

“Are the Princess and Riso alright?” This incident had the potential of inciting the Costals to resume hostilities, but Rocca’s concern was more for the pair, and more specifically, for Riso.

“They are fine,” Evane replied, “although the same can’t be said for the building and the plaza.”

Evane briefly recounted the events after Rocca lost consciousness. When the shooting started, the multicolored orbs formed a pattern around the princess, and four surrounded Rocca herself, supporting her and apparently stopping the bleeding. Riso then proceeded to bring down the wall from where the shots had come from. That exposed the stairwell behind it, and the three people running down, each holding rifles. They barely had time to react before Riso’s blade reached them. The blade cut off their heads, did a quick turn, and sliced then in half at the waist.

Meanwhile, the soldiers who had provided security at the signing came running into the plaza, and without knowing better, started shooting at the only active threat they saw.

“I never saw anything like it,” Evane’s pallid complexion gained a little color as she recounted the action. “Riso moved, and was a blur. Twenty eight men were down within what seemed mere seconds. I could not see the action, but the surveillance cameras caught some of it. We had to slow it way down to see what happened, and even then, we only saw some of it.”

“Wait,” Rocca interrupted, “he killed twenty eight men?” This could be even more of an incident, and not something Command could overlook.

“No,” Evane replied, “but they are all hospitalized. No serious injuries, but they’ll have bruises from their encounter with Riso.” Evane smiled as she spoke the name; it was obvious she felt admiration, and perhaps more.

Rocca felt a pang of irritation at her aide’s reaction. She stopped to consider what it was, and quickly identified it; jealousy. She suppressed the thought, and focused on the update.

“He moved through them so fast, swinging his staff and something else we have not identified. It looked like a translucent club.” Evane stopped to breathe and regaining her detached demeanor.

“He stood over them for a few seconds, and then went to examine the three he had killed. By then, the medical teams had arrived, as well as additional soldiers. It looked for a moment as if they too would start shooting, but your guards stopped them.”

Rocca looked at her Captain, and nodded ever so slightly. He returned a barely imperceptible nod.

“So, everything is under control?” Rocca had managed to slowly prop herself up during the narration, and was now addressing the Captain.

“Yes and no, General.” Captain’s Sota reply surprised Rocca. He was not given to incomplete answers.

“The three snipers were part of the Magistrate personal guards,” he continued. “The Magistrate himself cannot be found. We are holding his aide, but she appears to have been more of a companion than an actual aide. We are considered enhanced interrogation techniques, but Riso spoke to her and seemed satisfied that she did not know anything.”

Evane picked up the narrative.

“Within a few hours of the attack, rumors were circulating about the attack, and it looked as if the population would revolt. Riso and the Princess took to the streets on foot, going to each of the major centers, and reassuring people she was alright.”

“The whole city is under lock-down, with a curfew in effect, and Command is sending a senior Interior Security official and a team to take charge.” Captain Sota finished, summarizing the current situation.

Rocca let go an involuntary curse; Interior Security was not the proper response for this; they lacked the finesse necessary for complicated situations. Their response would be heavy-handed, and likely to make matters worse.

“When are they arriving?” She swung her feet over the edge of the bed as she asked the question. Evane rushed around the bed to help her to her feet.

“They were scheduled to arrive today, but we got word just an hour ago they would be delayed for a few days. They will be here the day after tomorrow.” The Captain also walked over to help her stand, answering as he did so.

There was a commotion in the hall, and then the Princess was standing at the door, Riso was leaning on the door frame, just over the Princess’s right shoulder. His outfit was now tan and brown, and form-fitting; fighting tunic came to Rocca’s mind. It made Riso look less unassuming.

To Be Continued

Chapter 4 can be found HERE.


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