Let it be an Epcot day


People might be aware of my antipathy of most humans . . . I tend to avoid crowds, or any event which has the chance of drawing even small numbers of other humans.  

What the hel . . . heck are you doing at Epcot, then?!

Well, we like Epcot, and since Disney refuses to let us in during off-hours, we must mingle . . . 


The park, indeed all the parks in the Walt Disney Orlando complex, are more crowded then we remember. We have not been here since (to the best of our recollection) 1998. That’s the previous millennium!


There are lines everywhere, and anything one wants to do involves rubbing shoulders with inconsiderate bastar . . . with others. Often, it also involves listening to little bastar . . . er, cute children trying to find the limits of their vocal chords (FYI, there does not seem to be any limit). 


Otherwise, the park is much like we remember.  A bit more high-tech, as everyone who works there seems to be equipped with a tablet, scanners for the bracelets the guest wear, and radios . You should see the workers trying to sweep the streets with tablets . . . there’s no app for that.

One thing that works well is scheduling a time window for the popular rides. They call it Fast Pass, and you use a separate entrance from the “standby” lines. Some rides had upwards of 70 minutes waits, and we just sailed past people. If curses and dirty looks have any power, we don’t have much longer to live.


The weather is a tad on the cool side. It usually starts out in the lower 60’s, gets up to the low 70’s, and then drops back down. I’ve not worn anything heavier than shorts and a t-shirt, but many people are wearing coats.



We spend most of our time at the World Showcase, and I don’t understand why adults bring their kids here. It’s not geared toward small snot-nosed human versions of air-raid sirens. 


They are not going to appreciate the high art of the place. At best, one can tend to their alimentary needs, but even then they are not old enough to discern the difference in the fine offerings from the represented countries.


. . . and I’m not sure about adults appreciating it . . . long lines at the German eating places, and not so long at the Italian eating places. 


There is the occasional point of interest which attracts the little ones. The above is a small portion of a very large and involved miniature train set/stage. Still, since it’s not interactive, most kids quickly lose interest (not so for the adults – they probably recognize the effort that went into setting this up).


The grounds are meticulous as always, despite the throngs of humanity passing through each square inch of the place. Yes, those are people off in the distance.

20131130_141119_HDR_1 20131130_141054_HDR_1

The architecture has held up well, still looking impressive even in this digital and CGI era. 

Some of the rides, however, have not fared as well. The ride at the “Universe of Energy” is getting a bit dated. Not only is there no interactive component, but there is no roller coaster, 3D stuff, or simulators . . . one gets into the same boring rolling carriages they were using 14 years prior, going through a dated explanation of where energy comes from.


What is markedly improved, is the entertainment at the end of the day. The fireworks were something else to watch. We’ll probably watch one more fireworks show before we leave.

One thing I should mention . . . we are eating a lot, but not as much as we could. The original plan was to get to the gym once a day, but in practice this would require us to forego some of the stuff we are doing.

By the time we get back to the room we are knackered . . . I tried to do a post last night, but after messing up four different attempts (kept falling asleep), I gave up.

That means I am not burning up the breakfast eggs and toast, the fish and chips snacks, the fettuccine with prosciutto soaking in a cream sauce, the tiramisu’, various breads, crepes, muffins, chocolates, ice creams and the sugar cookies, and whatever else I’ve forgotten. Methinks I will be hitting the gym hard when I get home, and probably not eat for a week or so. 

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ o o o o o o ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

No Doodle on this post because it was composed on my Samsung Note II.


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15 Responses to Let it be an Epcot day

  1. It looks like an interesting place Emilio. I’m with you on the mingling with other humans. I like to avoid crowds too ;)


  2. sandra getgood says:

    We liked the concept of Epcot, but the crowds were exhausting. Your courage and determination in returning for another visit merits applause. And the pictures are great. but….better you than me!


    • disperser says:

      We’re here for five days (one left not including today). We determined we are done with Animal Planet and the Magic Kingdom . . . FOREVER . . . But Epcot and the movie studio parks are still on the list.


  3. oneowner says:

    My cousin used to work at the park there and said that if we wanted to avoid crowds we should plan to go in mid to late September. We did and we were pretty amazed that the park seemed only to have enough people to keep us company but not get in our way. In other words – empty. They did a lot of maintenance on some of the attractions during these weeks when hardly any paying customers show up and there were several attractions that we were unable to see because they were closed. Of course, this was a long time ago and I’m not sure if September is a good month to visit.

    These photos look good with the frames. They suit them well.


  4. gpcox says:

    As you strolled thru Disney World – you were about a 3 1/2 hour drive away from me. Great place isn’t it?!


    • disperser says:

      Yes and no. We remember it better than it was this time. Aside there being more people there than we’re used to, I was a tad disappointed some of the information rides have not changed at all (I was last there in 1996 or 1998), and the new rides seem to me motion-related (simulations or actual rollercoasters), less geared toward learning something than having a quick thrill.

      Epcot remains my favorite, and I wish people would not bring kids in there.


      • gpcox says:

        It is more adults, isn’t it.


        • disperser says:

          I think it’s both. Stroller parkings are incredible, and what I saw were many kids below what I consider the appreciation age for places like Epcot. Even in other parks it seems to me that given the advent of electronic entertainment, many of these rides and attractions fall short of the “that’s amazing” aspect that was there 15 years ago.

          In fact, you can see many kids and adults looking more at their phone than what was going on around them.

          It used to ne we picked this week because kids would be in school. Apparently it’s no problem pulling kids out of school to go on a vacation.


        • gpcox says:

          Not really. When I was in school, say 50+ years ago, my father had Oct. off for vacation. Mom went and got my homework from the teachers for the entire month for me to do while we were away. Have no idea if that can still be done.


  5. AnnMarie says:

    I agree that the black border on the photos gives them an added dimension of beauty. You took some great shots and Epcot is such a great place for them! I’m looking forward to when I can revisit Disney World. Last time I was there was in 1992 and, just like the two previous times, once I was in there, the outside world (and my cares) were a million miles away . . .


  6. I agree, it is an adult attraction!


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