A couple of phone videos – the hummers

I will eventually do a “proper” post, but this evening I wanted to share these scenes on my deck. Keep in mind I have seven feeders up, and these scenes are repeated at each one.  The hummingbirds are emptying these feeders in the course of one day, and sometimes faster.

This first one is 1:09 minutes long.

This next one is 2:49 minutes long.  I had accidentally switched off the Auto-focus, and did not notice until I stopped recording, so it’s not as good as it might have been, but it gives you an idea of the activity.

The camera shoots in wide angle, and I am holding it less than a foot from the feeder, putting up with the bird buzzing about my head as I try to hold the camera steady.  

This is what goes on all day.  I’ll eventually compile the best shots into a couple of videos, and this weekend I will try to film them landing on my finger as they feed (like a few years ago).


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