Post Number 541

Whoo-hoo!!  541 posts!

541 is my most favorite prime number, hence something to celebrate .  Why my favorite, you ask?

Well, the first number, 5, is the addition of the next two numbers.  Plus, I was once each of those numbers in age, and not only that, nearly all combination of those numbers.

1, 4, 5, 14, 15, 41, 45, 51, 54 . . . that’s it.  And, all those add up to 230.  That number means nothing to me, but it does prove I own a calculator.

Besides having written 541 posts, 541 holds another significance for me.  

If you assume they are months, it’s equivalent to roughly 45 years, which is half of the age I hope to live to, providing I remain relatively healthy and mobile.  And, in an amazing coincidence, I drove through Mobile, once.  

Finally, 541 is the number of times I thought of doing something important.  Always something different, but always important.  I even thought of writing some of them down . . . I probably should have done so.

Finally finally, if you took all the pasta I ate in my life, and laid it end-to-end, it would stretch more than 541 miles.

Neat?  You betcha!



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