December 2012 Ducks and Geese

So . . . continuing with catching up . . . 

On the same day I shot THESE, I also visited the pond by the Library.  Remember the pond?   I previously documented my October 2012 visit (HERE).  It’s a good place to visit if one is in a fowl mood.

Mallards and the rare Ostrich Duck, with its head in the water.

Mallards and the rare Ostrich Duck, with its head in the water.

I would normally post comments before or after photos, but that can get confusing.  You’ll have to actually read the captions for each photo (as if anyone reads this stuff), to get the full experience of visiting my blog posts.

The Three Stooges and Garry.

The Three Stooges and Garry.

These next two series are presented as a slideshow video.  Individual photos can be viewed in the SmugMug gallery (HERE).  These videos are there as well, in full 1080p.  If you are going to watch them here, click the gray (HD) on the upper right-hand corner of the frame. If you want to watch them full screen, go to SmugMug; Word Perfect does not do a good job of showing them full-screen.

The obligatory “artsy” shot . . .

Canada Goose ass feather

Canada Goose ass feather

Canada Geese Flotilla heading to invade Mallard Territory

Canada Geese Flotilla heading to invade Mallard Territory

Jesus Duck out for a walk.

Jesus Duck out for a walk.

Another artsy shot

Another artsy shot

Here is another slideshow of a Collision Avoidance Landing – the goose on the third slide has a rather surprised, and concerned, look on its face.  As before, the individual photos are in the SmugMug gallery December 2012 Ducks and Geese

Wait! . . . is that . . . could it be?

No! . . . it can't be!

No! . . . it can’t be!


Jimmy Durante Duck!

Jimmy Durante Duck!

. . . and Mrs. Durante Duck! It's my lucky day!

. . . and Mrs. Durante Duck!
It’s my lucky day!

Actually, them be Shoveler Ducks.

These guys showed a sudden interest . . .

What's happening over there?

What’s happening over there?

"Take me to your Fowl Leader!"

“Take me to your Fowl Leader!”

I should not make fun.  Over the years, these geese and ducks have worked hard at training humans to come and feed them at this pond.

To end this fine post . . . I’ve been playing with Adobe Premier Pro to process my D7000 movies.  This was shot on the same day, and it shows The Twirlers (you’ll recognize them) and Canada Geese on the pond.  The movie was stabilized, color adjusted, cropped, and a title and music added.  A 5 minute process that took me close to 2 hours as I learned how the program worked.  Here be the first:

Of course, I had to practice what I learned . . . I did not put in fades, etc.  and the video goes in and out of focus because the camera was on autofocus (I need to remember to switch it off when I take movies).

Lastly, the Canada goose I call “The Dense One”.  I did a bit more with this, adding some fades.  This goose swam into an area of open water surrounded on three sides by ice . . . it wanted to rejoin its companions but, evidently, forgot it could fly.  It would swim, hit the edge of the ice, and could not figure out why she could not proceed . . . enjoy.

OK, so that’s it for today . . . this took much longer than planned, but I learned a bunch of stuff.  I look forward to becoming a media mogul. 

~ ~ ~ o o o ~ ~ ~

The Bellows of Envy

The Bellows of Envy

Astute persons might have noticed these doodles, and correctly surmised they hold some significance for me, and perhaps for humanity at large.  

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9 Responses to December 2012 Ducks and Geese

  1. Love all the shots Emilio. The landings are cool as is the Jesus shot :)


  2. seekraz says:

    I still like those Yucca seed pods…oh..and nice ducks and geese, too…we have many of those here…although I haven’t seen any shoveler or spoon-billed ones that you showed…..interesting creatures…well adapted for scraping through the muck on the bottom of a pond…..


  3. colonialist says:

    Really great ducking and diving!
    Fowl mood – you’re even worse than I am! :)


  4. AnnMarie says:

    Interesting duckumentary (tried but could not resist the pun). Enjoyed the twirlers and am glad that you were able to catch shots of the shovelers. I have never seen any so it’s always interesting to see and read about something new.


  5. Pingback: Project 313 – Post No. 224 | Disperser Tracks

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