Another Update on my Samsung Note II Phone’s Camera

Still playing around with the camera on my phone . . . 

Bucks on the way home.
Bucks on the way home.
Same bucks on the way home
Same bucks on the way home

So, those are not too bad . . . then I got home, and the sun was already behind the foothills, but I decided to go and shoot some flowers in HDR mode.


Not too bad . . . that is right out of the phone, as shot.  I thought it was a little bright, and did a slight adjustment in Lightroom.


Keep in mind this is in low light, and it’s an HDR composite of four shots.  Overall, not bad.  

I applied the same adjustment to the rest of the photos below, as I felt all of them came out a tad brighter than I prefer.  Some are really quite nice.

20130709_201036_HDR-2 20130709_201052_HDR-2 20130709_201116_HDR-2 20130709_201138_HDR-2 20130709_201221_HDR-2 20130709_201232_HDR-2 20130709_201024_HDR-2

I think the idea of snapping photos with this phone is something that will grow on me, and that is bound to improve as I figure out what it is best suited for.

Well, that’s it . . . just a quick post to document the capability of the Samsung Note II.


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