Digital Lightroom Contest – Still Life Short List

Since I am not a finalist in the competition, I have no problem with asking my readers to partake in the voting at Digital Lightroom Still Life Contest – Short List.

I have cast my vote, but unlike the last contest, I decided not to give feedback.  I did not see anyone else giving any, so it felt presumptuous of me to do so.  Plus, I think I might have come off as a bit of a jerk (surprise!) when I gave feedback for the Movement and Motion contest short list.  

Not that I was trying to . . . I explained my selection process, and give my reasoning for each of the photos.

Now, here’s the interesting thing . . . I must have a different concept of still life than what the judges have; I thought only four photos qualified as meeting the theme.  Stretching it a bit, maybe two more.  Not to say the others were not good photos.   Quite the opposite.    Still, the photo I liked the best (but did not vote for) was not what I considered still life.

And yes, it may be that still life is a much broader category than I understand it to be.

Those are all amazing photos, and all are much better than my entries, so this is not a case of sour grapes (Hey!  . . . I should have done grapes!).  I know; no one believes me when I say so.  Oh well; the life of a misunderstood person would be a difficult one if they did not have a thick skin.

Anyway, click HERE, and cast your vote for whichever photo captures your imagination. 


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