Still Life – The Concepts Series, Part V(b)

My fifth  day blogging about . . . . 

Digital Lightroom Contest – Still Life

Today is the deadline for entering this contest, and to compete for the prize: the complete Topaz Suite Bundle.  

This is an extra post . . . separate, yet the same.  Somehow, back in the days before I got involved with this (last week), I had it in mind Still Life meant something dead.  Or, nearly dead, like fruit.

Interesting side note . . . consider that a fruit picked from the tree (or originating plant) has essentially died.  As it sits there, waiting for us to eat it, is it in the equivalent of purgatory?  

Who cares, but this bring us to December 7th of the year Twenty-Twelve; a day that will live in photography.  On that day I launched an attack on ducks, geese, and . . . still life.  The ducks and the geese will have to wait their turn, for today we look at still life, and yet more candidates for the contest.

We got us wispy seeds . . . 




I should mention . . . part of the exercise on that fateful day was to explore lighting combinations (warm with cool).

We got us stout seeds . . . 



We got us Bluebeard Shrub seed holders . . . 





We got us Yucca seeds pods . . . 





. . . and we got us conifer seeds . . .




What to do, what to do . . . 

Well, here are the ones I like the best from the shots I have . . . 

From the Yucca seed pods . . . 






. . . and from the cones . . . 





I like the effect of this shot, although I think it would be considered photo manipulation.  It’s not.  It’s a double exposure.


Well, gorsh darn it!  

Now I have twice as many choices as I did just an hour ago, and that’s not counting the ones that are in the gallery but not shown here . . . let me think about it.

The SmugMug Gallery with all the photos from the above session (more than I have in this post) can be found HERE, along with all my other still life stuff.  The gallery is in reverse chronological order, with the latest photos shown first.  These were shot last year, so they are at the end of the gallery (the link above gets you to the first one)

As usual, if you are one of them gentle people who appreciate moments spent not contemplating centipede anything, and found this to be one such moment, don’t you think you should share it with others in your life?  Others who might appreciate the above, and find a similar escape in it?  

. . . and, even if you hated it, and found it a complete waste of time, and would rather watch Human Centipede, you might want to share it anyway; there is always the chance it will make you appear less like . . . you know, you.

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