Still Life – The Concepts Series, Part IV

My fourth  day blogging about . . . . 

Digital Lightroom Contest – Still Life

The entry deadline is May 17th, and the prize is the complete Topaz Suite Bundle.  Even if you are unsure of the quality of your photos, you should enter. Here’s a suggestion for my few readers who are not photographers, but who have a decent phone camera . . . 


Right!  . . . on with the post.

I keep stressing I don’t know for sure what makes a decent still life subject.  I am pretty sure the following is more of a collection motif than a still life motif.  Then again, I ain’t no expert.

Still Life

For them who do not recognize them, these figurines (and other themed figurines) used to be included in every box of Red Rose Tea.  The bastards still offer them, but you have to mail a request to receive them.  Why, if it weren’t for the fact they make my favorite tea, I would dump their ass!

Still Life

A different angle on the ceramic menagerie . . . Since I am old, we had accumulated many, many figurines, which were disposed of when we left Michigan (I think they went in one of the garage sales).  Being here in Colorado for 9 years already, we once more have many of these, but most are keeping company to the plants in some of our plots, and I would have had to clean them to get them in this shot.

So, that’s a collection . . . it may or may not qualify as still life, but I think this next one does.

Still Life

Some of those drafting tools date back to my High School days.  Those compasses are adapted to use both led and ink.  The set was a gift from one of my uncles, also an engineer.  

Still Life

A slightly lighter shot.  These tools were last used in 1978, when I briefly checked drawings in the Cadillac Motors drafting department.

As much as the pieces elicit memories and have a slight sentimental value, they are probably not that interesting to most folks, especially these days; computers now rule as far as producing most art, drawings, or anything graphics-related.

This next subjects grouping is a bit more colorful and fun.

Still Life

Those are mini-RC racers.  The history of these particular bodies, if memory serves me correctly, is tied to the advent of mobile phones.  I think some engineer adapted the vibrating motors in the phones to propelling these cars.  I could be remembering wrong.   

Still Life

Those are both the controllers and rechargers.  The cars recharge in about a minute or so, and run for a few minutes.  They are quick, responsive, and fun to play with . . . and my cats hated them.  These still work, but, sadly, I hardly ever play with them.

And yes, those are two cushballs, and yes, they get used.  Still fun to throw and catch.

Still Life

This is another collection . . . they are figures based on characters from Pinocchio, and were designed by Jacovitti.  Cocco Bill was a great inspiration during my formative years, fostering both my love of guns, and solidifying my belief bad guys (and gals) should be killed with nary a thought or concern. 

Cute, but probably also poor still life subjects.  The photo is in here mostly because I like the figurines.

But not so this next grouping . . . still life if I ever saw it.

Still Life

Look at that! . . . nothing’s moving!  

Actually . . . something does not look right . . . how about . . . 

Still Life

A minor change, a slight improvement, but . . . too busy!

Still Life

OK, that’s not bad.  Still, not great, either.

I would say that out of this grouping, I would go with either the Mini-RC cars, or the drafting tools.  This being the fourth blog post, there is much to choose from . . . it’s making it really difficult to pick worthwhile submissions.

Included below is what I call the Turtle Centipede . . . and if you get that reference, I truly feel for you.  I did not watch the movie I allude to, nor do I intend to ever watch it.  The fact that movie was conceived, let alone made, does nothing but reinforce my low opinion of humans.  The fact people went to watch it . . . I have no words to describe how that makes me feel.

Still Life

That is, unfortunately, a sad note to end on, but . . . 

 . . . tomorrow I will add another segment, and will do the last post of the series on Friday, May 17th.  That is the deadline for submitting your entry for the contest.  

I sense I am overwhelming my audience, as both views and visits have dropped with each successive offering . . . or, the alternate hypothesis is all my stuff is just plain crappy, and I should not consider entering the contest.  It could also be due to these being fairly dark, and not showing much details.  It may be a function of WordPress, but these are darker than the originals . . . 

. . . which can be seen in the SmugMug Gallery, which can be found HERE.  All the above shots are there, in addition to all the photos from the previous three posts.  The gallery is in reverse chronological order, with the latest photos (these) shown first.

As usual, if you are one of them gentle people who appreciate moments spent not contemplating centipede anything, and found this to be one such moment, don’t you think you should share it with others in your life?  Others who might appreciate the above, and find a similar escape in it?  

. . . and, even if you hated it, and found it a complete waste of time, and would rather watch Human Centipede, you might want to share it anyway; there is always the chance it will make you appear less like . . . you know, you.

If Fish Could Draw
If Fish Could Draw

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