Tree Swallows – Phone Camera and Real Camera

 On the last post I mentioned the Samsung Note II smartphone, and the photos it takes.  The quality of the photos are highly dependent on the lighting (the flash on the phone kind of sucks, as does the flash on most phones).

These next two shots are of one of the weekend teas my wife and I have, and were shot with the Samsung Note II.  Primarily to promote conversation, and spend time with each other, but Melisa also enjoys the preparation and set-up.



The above photos are linked directly to the respective media files for them who want to see them full-size.  All-in-all, not a bad job by a very tiny lens on an implement which is designed for other things.

And it takes movies . . . I was out on the deck while the swallows were active, and decided to snap a couple of short videos (one about 30 seconds, and one about a minute and a half).

However, after a few movies, I brought out the camera equipment.  I wanted to get a few flying shots of the swallows; something that is not easy.

Not too bad . . .
Not too bad . . .

For a moment, I thought I had a really nice one . . .

Clouds And Tree Swallows

Since the swallows also sat for me a whole lot (again, I was very close), I took a few stills.

Clouds And Tree Swallows

Clouds And Tree Swallows

Clouds And Tree Swallows

On that last one, he was vocalizing to another bird.  Don’t know if it was a friendly conversation, or cursing them out for being in his yard.   It sounded more like the last.

But, I did get a few flying shots . . .

Clouds And Tree Swallows Clouds And Tree Swallows Clouds And Tree Swallows

Not bad, eh?  These suckers are fast, and I have my 200mm lens on full zoom, AND there are clouds behind the swallows; clouds that the lens insists focusing on.

Now, I know what you are saying . . . “Those are crap!”  Well, yes and no.

You see, you can crop to a 1:1 size (same as viewing it in Original size, or full resolution).  Here’s what I got.

Clouds And Tree Swallows Clouds And Tree Swallows Clouds And Tree Swallows Clouds And Tree Swallows Clouds And Tree Swallows Clouds And Tree Swallows Clouds And Tree Swallows Clouds And Tree Swallows Clouds And Tree Swallows Clouds And Tree Swallows Clouds And Tree Swallows

Don’t know about my readers, but I am happy with those.

As a reminder for them who made it this far (and therefore might actually be interested in the rest of the photos), the SmugMug Gallery can be found HERE.  All the above shots are there, and a few more.  Remember that gallery is in reverse chronological order, with the latest photos (these) shown first.

If you are one of them gentle people who appreciate moments spent not reading about man’s inhumanity to others, and found this to be one such moment, don’t you think you should share it with others in your life?  Others who might appreciate the above, and find a similar escape in it?  

. . . and, even if you hated it, and found it a complete waste of time, you might want to share it anyway; there is always the chance it will make you appear less like . . . you know, you.


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