Quick Update on my Samsung Note II Phone

Readers might be familiar with me levitating my phone to safely shoot video while driving, but the greater point to take from all that is that the phone takes decent photos and decent video.

I don’t always remember to play with the settings, but here are some examples of said photos:


The following are from our local Big R store, on a day when they were selling various young chicks.


20130405_173739 20130405_173729 20130405_173643 20130405_173553 20130405_173544 20130405_173937

And the poster identifying various breeds . . .




There is no SmugMug gallery, but these should open up to the original size if you click on them.

Occasionally I reduce the size of the photo the camera takes (usually if I know I will be e-mailing it), and then forget to set it back.  Hence, here are a couple of smaller photos; the first from one of our drives:


And here is one of me on the way home . . . (levitating the phone again).


Both of those are smaller sizes (the same as inserted in this post), so clicking on them does not give you a higher resolution photo.

And here is a shot from where I park at work (the snow day, last week – Pikes Peak is directly in front of me, behind the clouds).


You’ve already seen the movies, but there will be a couple of movies in the next post.  

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the phone.

If you enjoyed this moment, found it mildly entertaining, or not a total bore, feel free to share it.  However, if you hated the whole thing, were bored beyond belief, and consider it a waste of time . . . why, then, it’s the perfect thing to forward to people you do not like!  It will serve them right!  

Angry Teeth
Angry Teeth

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