Digital Lightroom Contest – Still Life

Readers might remember my announcement for The Digital Lightroom contest titled Movement and Motion.  For those who are interested, the winners can be found HERE, and no, I was not one of them. 

But then, once I saw The Short List, I new my entry was not going to win.  While I did not agree with the eventual placement, all of the entries were top notch.  Ultimately,  judging photos is difficult, and the reader’s voting was very close (and no, I don’t know where I ended up).

Now Digital Lightroom has launched their next contest:

Digital Lightroom Contest – Still Life

The entry deadline is May 17th, and the prize is the complete Topaz Suite Bundle (something I already own).  That is quite a jump from the last set of prizes, and I anticipate a large turnout.  As I mentioned before, Topaz’s pricing is very reasonable for what you get, and you get free upgrades for life.  But, if you cannot afford even these plugins, enter the contest.  You can’t win if you do not enter.

I looked through my library, and collected a few shots as examples (below), but I believe I will be shooting a few photos specifically for this contest.  Although, I’m not yet sure I will enter it (seems selfish to enter since I already own the suite).  We’ll see.

0112_BigIsland_Day_2 0007-outside-bell 20121207_1_DSC4188 20121207_1_DSC4160 20121207_1_DSC4053 12228_MISC_030109_1 9084_MISC_070908_1 4773_30AUG09_2

I need to do a bit more research as to what is “Still Life”.  I think I know, however, if someone thinks any of the above do not fall under the category, please let me know . . . it means I don’t have a good grasp of the subject.   The examples I found mostly use an arrangement of objects, but sometimes they are single objects.  

“Still life” to me has always meant a bowl of fruit . . . but I never really explored the subject until now.  I strongly advise photographers to enter; even if you don’t win, it’s fun to participate.

If you enjoyed this moment, found it profoundly engrossing, or learned something, feel free to share it so others can take it out for a spin.  However, if you hated the whole thing, were bored beyond belief, and consider it a waste of time . . . why, then, it’s the perfect thing to forward to people you do not like!  It will serve them right!


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