Roe vs. Wade vs. Creep

Recently, like a couple of days ago, I chanced across a blog by a female Canadian student.  

She had written a piece on Roe vs. Wade, and some creepy male christian (and self-proclaimed theologian, no less) responded, drawing her into a “discussion” under the guise of trying to “understand” her position.

I advised the young lady to cut and run.  I advised her of doing so based on what I learned in the 50-plus years of discussions with most christians . . . they are not interested in doing anything but promoting their own views.  Did I say promoting?  I meant showing them down your throat.

They have zero interest in understanding, respecting, or considering your position (god tells them not to, you see).  They are not interested in examining evidence, statistics, what we know from medicine, what we know of the brain . . . or of learning about biology in general.  They revel in ignorance, and not only general ignorance, but ignorance of their own religion.  

I say that with confidence because these days anyone can click a few keys to get all sorts of information.  The fact is, they prefer ignorance, and it shows in their “discussions”.  It must give them comfort. 

I wrote the young lady to recognize the signs, and to not waste her breath on him.  I did not actually get involved in the discussion as she was doing well on her own.

The creep called “Foul!”, and got support from another person of limited cognizant abilities, and both condemned me for my intolerance.  

Now . . . people reading this might rightly ask themselves . . . “Why you be insulting them?  Ain’t it counterproductive to having a discussion?

Tsk, tsk . . . my dear readers.  You can’t have an abortion “discussion” with most christians!  

All you can do is write words they will dismiss without reading, provide links they will not click on, quote studies they will not accept, give statistics they will ignore . . . and all along they toss back the same tripe that has been examined at nauseum and refuted a thousand times in a thousand places.  

And in the end, they will either rejoice in the fact you will burn in hell, or claim their right to believe as a rationale for forcing their views on others.  And that’s if they don’t actually take matters into their own hands (directed by god, of course) and kill you.  

The creep even had the balls to claim he had not brought religion into the discussion.  Hypocrite!  

The whole anti-abortion movement is based, steeped, mired, and inextricably linked to religious belief.  And at the core of that belief?  The soul. This despite many instances where the bible makes statements about the soul and personhood in direct opposition of the so-called pro-life position.

You can’t find anywhere in either the old or new testament a condemnation of abortion as murder.  Mind you, pro-lifers will “interpret” various passages, and point to them . . . while ignoring other passages.

But even if they use twisted logic to find something, they still first have to convince me of two things . . . that their idea of god is superior to that of others (or to no god at all), and that the bible is a legitimate source for moral and ethical guidance (we won’t even have to get into biological guidance as that is clearly not the case).

The Bible is correct because it says so in the Bible!” they shout (yes, they often shout, as if yelling makes it true), and so we have modern pro-lifers hold the notion the instant a sperm touches an egg, well, Pop!, in jumps a soul, and the zygote is a person.  

That notion was introduced a few hundred years after JC became a zombie, and many years after the Bible was written, and even then, it was not a sure thing, but an interpretation, and not one deemed to mean abortion was murder (they were smarter back then than we give them credit for, and certainly smarter than many today).

I mentioned earlier links christian are more than willing to ignore.  Here are a few the creep could read if he truly seeks understanding (and the history) of both his position and that of people favoring pro-choice (yes, both sides of the argument are here):

There are two links the creep should pay particular attention to:

I make those suggestions, but anyone planning to enter in a debate, and truly wanting to be informed, should read the whole thing.

There is also another section worth reading:

As I said above, at the basis of the abortion issue is the belief that there is a soul, a belief christians can only hold as a matter of faith (much like the whole god-thing).

Granted, there are laughable treatments of “proof of the existence of souls”, but one has to ignore a mountain of evidence pointing to the opposite as being true.

Christians can’t answer the simple question how mental illness or injuries to the brain relate to the soul, and in fact they can’t answer any questions stemming from what we have learned about the way the human brain, and consequently the human mind, works.  

Some  occasionally resort to the good-old standby of demons.

Perhaps the biggest hypocrisy of all is that while whining about all the “murders” due to abortions, christians oppose sex education and making contraceptives available. The two things proven to reduce abortion, and christians are against them.  Go figure!

The logic there is that, apparently, the moment two people think about having sex, a soul must get “on deck”, ready to jump in should conception occur.  Can’t have the poor thing not get up to bat, or so the thinking goes.

There is some speculation the peculiar antipathy christians have toward contraception is that seed (sperm) should not be wasted.  I got news for them poor bastards still clinging to that tenuous and misguided reasoning . . . sperm gets wasted all the time, all on its own.  Not only that, think about all the sperm wasted in-utero . . . only one reaches the finish line.  And of course, ova is regularly discarded . . . but christians don’t give a crap about that; as Monty Python summarizes the notion, only sperms are sacred.

Now, let me be perfectly clear on this . . .  

I think we have the knowledge and technology to wipe out all abortions except for medical emergencies, and other special instances (rape most definitively being one).  I think there should be no abortions, and that abortions are a sign of our failure as intelligent life forms.  If we cannot control our reproductive cycles, then we are no better than breeding stock.

Having said that, as long as the non-thinking humans have a say-so on matters of sex education and contraception, I strongly oppose denying women the choice to rid their bodies of unwanted parasites.

Just a few more things:

There is a host of benefits to societies which allow women to control their reproductive cycles.  Look it up.

Abortion rates are about the same for secular and religious (regardless of denomination).  Look it up.

There are as many married women getting abortions as there are teens . . . and the rate for teens is decreasing (not because of anything christians are doing . . . young girls are getting better informed).  Look it up.

Abortion is most used by women who realize they cannot afford to raise children; i.e. the economically disadvantaged.  Look it up.

If abstinence worked, we would not have a problem with catholic priests molesting both young boys and girls.  And by “worked” I mean people could actually follow through with it . . . they don’t.

Finally, most anti-choice and forbidding contraception efforts are aimed at denying women control of their bodies and their lives.  On that basis alone I strongly object to any such efforts.  Even creepier, it’s christian men who set up the rules.  Truly creepy.


and finally:  

You, the anti-choice christian . . . AFTER you read/watch/research all that, then, and only then . . . stop being a dick (I use that term primarily for men, but many women seem to also fit the bill).

Some may ask why I wrote and posted this . . . perhaps to remind people where I stand on such matters (something to surely drop my subscriptions numbers from their current lofty levels).  Perhaps because I believe in education, and whole generations of christians have obviously been denied the opportunity to make decisions based on facts, or to think rationally.  Perhaps because I still believe deep down, at the core of most christians, there is a thinking, compassionate, reasoning, and empathic human being willing to acknowledge their humanity.  Foolish, I know, but one can hope.

Perhaps a lot of reasons, but mostly because it pisses me off to no end when I read insultingly stupid arguments, distorted facts, and cherry-picked data used to try and control the lives of others.  And to do so by insisting, for example, there is no such thing as rape.  Every thinking being should be pissed-off to no end, and it’s just sad that it’s not the case.


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