Spinning Redux

Apparently YouTube is rather sensitive about using stuff with logos or product names.

In response, I am adding/replacing a few videos.  Namely, I’m replacing the Pellegrino bottle with the naked version of the same bottle.  Plus, I happened to spin one of the cans we use to hold coffee beans . . . and guess what?  It was a good spinner.

Probably because the can is light, and only the bottom had beans in it, making it both heavier, and with a low center of gravity.

Anyway, I figure that in addition to updating the original post, I would do a quick post for them who had already seen the original, and were forever scarred by seeing a product name on the bottle.  This won’t make up for it, but since I am deleting the original video, in time your memories will be supplanted with new ones, and you’ll be able to lead a normal life.  Or whatever passes for normal in your life.

So, without delay, here are the new spinning bottles videos . . .

and here are the new videos; spinning coffee cans, both caffeinated and decaffeinated versions.

And here is the updated aggregation video, bringing it all together . . . of course, the new videos won’t have the same look and feel as the originals, but you can all bitch at YouTube for that.

So there . . . copyright correct, and poor Pellegrino loses out on some free advertising.

If you enjoyed this moment, found it profoundly engrossing, or learned something, feel free to share it so others can take it out for a spin.  However, if you hated the whole thing, were bored beyond belief, and consider it a waste of time . . . why, then, it’s the perfect thing to forward to people you do not like!  It will serve them right!  



Astute persons might have noticed these doodles, and correctly surmised they hold some significance for me, and perhaps for humanity at large.  If said astute person is curious about them, click on it for an explanation of their origin.

WordPress is still screwing around with trying to be a class operation.  As such, while they busily work to add features and themes I will never use, they are remiss in fixing problems like disappearing links.  So, if you click on the doodle, and nothing happens, this is the link it’s supposed to go to:  https://disperser.wordpress.com/2011/12/26/palm-vx-and-i/.  Note . . . there is no guarantee WordPress will keep this as a link, but at least you can copy it and paste it on a browser’s address field.


Please, if you are considering bestowing me some recognition beyond commenting below, refrain from doing so.  I will decline nominations whereby one blogger bestows an award onto another blogger, or group of bloggers.   I appreciate the intent behind it, but I would much prefer a comment thanking me for turning you away from a life of crime, religion, or making you a better person in some other way.  That would actually mean something to me.

Should you still nominate me, I will strongly suspect you pulled my name at random, and that you are not, in fact, a reader of my blog.  If you wish to know more, please read below.

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Note: to those who may click on “like”, or rate the post; if you do not personally hear from me, know that I am sincerely appreciative, and I thank you for noticing what I do.  

. . .  my FP ward  . . . chieken shit.

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Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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14 Responses to Spinning Redux

  1. Massi says:

    Emilio ,very creativ!!!!


  2. sandra getgood says:

    I agree. Who would have thought watching things spin around like a top…. drinking glasses, wine bottles, coffee cans….would be so hypnotic?


  3. Rif_Luna says:

    It probably wasn’t YOUTUBE, they get automatic take down notices from firms looking for keywords claiming DMCA. Turns out they are most certainly wrong in lots of cases, but you are automatically dinged, and have to fight back. Worth it? Probably not. But you got to spin some more for your pleasure and ours! Thanks E!


    • disperser says:

      No, it was YouTube, although I agree it was likely an automated mechanism.

      The original had the label on the bottle, and it probobally got flagged. It was not outright banned, but I was asked (by an automatic e-mail) if I had the rights to including it.

      I think I could have left it because I’m not actually using the name brand to indicate anything,, but it was no big deal to reshoot it.

      And thanks . . .I enjoy spinning stuff, and this was lot of fun to do.


  4. Well I was mesmerised! I haven’t spun anything for years and I might go and do that right now :)


  5. colonialist says:

    You do manage to place a number of different spins on the subject! I like the bottle with the sustained sideways wobble. When it finally straightens out its act, it settles remarkably quickly.


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