Colors and Sights of Colorado’s 2012 Fall Season

Foliage 2013

The task of documenting the Alaska Cruise now behind me, I can tackle catching up with all the other photographs waiting patiently to get their turn.  First up, some of the sights I captured during the Fall of 2012.

Fall of 2012

Unlike years past, we did not do a dedicated Fall Color Tour.  We did the Alaska cruise instead.  But, I like fall colors, so I documented the colors of the trees in my yard.  Yup!  All of these foliage photos were taken by me after arduous 20-30 yards walks to various location on my lot.

Foliage 2012

I also have aspens, but they turned pretty quick, so I did not get many photos of them, and of those, the above is the best.

Foliage 2012

As is usual with these shots, they do not quite capture the intensity, the visual impact of these dying leaves.  The one just above can look like a dark copper when the light hits them so.  At other times they can resemble burning coals.

Foliage 2012

The above has been tweaked to highlight just the reds.  However, one does not need to tweak to show off these beauties.

Foliage 2012

Foliage 2012

We lost our Red Maple earlier in the summer.  It succumbed to frost damage from the previous winter.  Rapid and large temperature changes caused the trunk to split, and while it had managed to survive in previous years, sometime during the drought months of June and July it stopped drawing moisture.  Its leaves actually turned in August, and within a week, they had dried up and fallen.  I did not get any photos, as they did not look that good.

I also have a few shrubs that turn a nice red color . . .

Foliage 2012

The SmugMug Gallery (Colors and Sights of Fall 2012) has a few more foliage shots, and all the following photographs, available in full resolution.

Foliage 2012

But there are other colors of fall . . . although not as showy, they still have a certain attraction, and can attract discerning viewers.

Foliage 2012 Foliage 2012 Foliage 2012

Brown and tan are colors, right?

But I did title this post “colors and sights” . . . So, what are some of the sights?  Well, during early mornings we get frost . . .

Foliage 2012 Foliage 2012 Foliage 2012 Foliage 2012 Foliage 2012

If we get a bit of morning fog, the frost can look like a light snowfall.

Foliage 2012

What else do we see . . . these guys:

Foliage 2012 Foliage 2012 Foliage 2012

I’m pretty sure they are around all the time, but I seem them most often in the fall.  These turkeys were photographed during one of our day-drives (meaning, leaving early in the morning, and getting back home before dark).

During the evenings, if one is in the right place, one can catch sight of some of the migrating geese.

Migrating Geese 2012

Do you see the hawk on one of the poles . . . I can spot them a half mile away, but this one was out of my reach.  I did use the long lens to catch the geese landing on a field.

Migrating Geese 2012

This next one is from my yard, and I think it may be from a dove . . . just thought it looked nice.


Finally, the weather is a bit more unsettled in the fall, so one can catch sight of decent cloud formations (there will be more in future posts), and they can be quite spectacular at sundown.

Clouds at sunset

And, when the sun cedes the sky to the moon . . .

The Hill and Moon The Hill and Moon

The air is a bit crisper in the fall, making for less atmospheric distortion.  I have a lot of moon photos, but don’t know if I will bother posting them.    

And that’s it for now.  If you enjoyed the tour, please share your joy with those who mean something in your life.  If you did not enjoy it, then by all means be stoic, and keep the suffering to yourself.

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