Alaska Cruise – 2012 – Part V(b) – Juneau in B&W

Because of the poor quality of some of the Tracy Arm photos, I rendered them in Black and White.  As often is the case, someone liked them, and suggested more pictures were excellent candidates for decoloration.  I’m not sure if he preferred the B&W version, or that some of the color photos were so bad, he was suggesting they too could have been converted to B&W to improve them.

Regardless, it got me to thinking . . . what if my destiny is to become the next Ansel Adams, and I fail it to achieve greatness because I mostly show color shots?  Chills ran down my spine; a strong spine, with integrity, honor, and a streak of stubbornness a mile . . . .er . . . let’s just stop at honor, shall we?

Alaska Cruise 2012

Now, many post-processing programs have canned conversions to B&W, but I’m seldom happy with how they look.  In addition, different photos present different opportunities for B&W renderings.  However, as I am pressed for time, I used the same conversion on all the photos.  The only allowance I made is in choosing which photos might make good candidates.  Hope you agree.

Alaska Cruise 2012 Alaska Cruise 2012 Alaska Cruise 2012 Alaska Cruise 2012 Alaska Cruise 2012 Alaska Cruise 2012 Alaska Cruise 2012 Alaska Cruise 2012 Alaska Cruise 2012

For those who might want to check out the larger, better versions of the photographs, the SmugMug gallery can be found HERE.  Looking at them, I think Ansel’s legacy is in no danger from being eclipsed by any of my efforts.

As usual, thanks for stopping by, and I hope it was worth your while.  If it was, tell everyone.  If it wasn’t . . . remember, life is never black and white.

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12 Responses to Alaska Cruise – 2012 – Part V(b) – Juneau in B&W

  1. oneowner says:

    I knew I was right. Really, it’s such a personal opinion about B&W conversions but it’s important to realize that your own vision should be satisfied. Especially if the only investment is your time. I think they are well done.


  2. Some were fabulous converted to B&W but I prefer the glaciers in colour.


    • disperser says:

      Yeah, the strange coloration does not come through very well in B&W. I tried playing with the settings to somehow highlight the deep blue, but it is, after all, just shades of gray.

      When doing B&W I look more to the texture as being in charge of carrying the day. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.


  3. B&W Disperser! I Like them too!


  4. runningwithellen says:

    B&W makes these more powerful. Thanks!


  5. I thought your glacier photos were great and I really liked the colour in the colour post. I do like the top seed photograph in this post.


  6. AnnMarie says:

    The flowers turned into a lovely diamond tiara and the cairn into an excellent pointillism study. I especially like the full frame of the glacier in Original (SmugMug) since its texture really stands out and I agree that the B&W treatment is excellent for textures.

    I must add that I’ve no doubt Ansel Adams was first an AMATEUR before a MASTER. So, bro, you’re doing it in the right sequence.


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