The End of Another Year

Another year . . . they appear to pass swifter, weigh a tad heavier . . . and to elicit more awareness in their passing.

Earlier this year, a friend was pondering life-altering decisions, and remarking on the passage of time as having more of an impact on the decision-making process.

With each passing year, it does seem as if the horizon of possibilities narrows.  

I think it a false burden we place on ourselves.  

As we age, we see limitations to what used to be a myriad of possibilities.  Some limitations are real, some are self-imposed, some are just due to the weight of experience.  But really, had we known what we know now when we were younger, would we had chosen any different?  And if so, why? 

There is no more assurance in the path not taken than the one we travel, and there is little value in pondering what might have been, save for possible lessons learned.  

We should rely on the confidence in our abilities, the light of our integrity illuminating our path, the willingness to rise to our potential, and in knowing the limits of our fortitude in the face of things not working out as we planned.  That’s what should drive our decisions.

Admittedly, there are often valid considerations, some outside of ourselves, in favor of proceeding with caution.  But that illusory “narrowing of choices” skews our decision-making.  It appeared easier taking risks when our horizons were perceived as wide, but the horizons have not changed, only our view of them.

In the end, it is the effort we put into realizing what we imagine that is of importance.  And luck.  But the effort is what gives us purpose.  It’s what we can control.  It’s totally dependent on us.

The alternative is to stagnate, to not take chances, to not rock the boat . . . but then, before we know it, we find we are at a destination, only one not of our own choosing.

Is the better choice to not make a decision, or to risk making the wrong decision?  I don’t know.  I only know what I prefer.

Whatever you decide, my best wishes for 2013 to travel the path of your hopes and dreams.

Sutures in Time
Sutures in Time


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