Woodland Park Fox and Deer – 2012

Fox . . . not the Network

The first day back at work, after our return from the Alaska cruise, I saw this nice-looking fox specimen frolicking in the field adjacent to the office where I work.  I was going to say “foxy” but that would attract a different type of viewer.  Ooops!  . . . my visits counter is sure to explode now.

Uncropped foxy beast

I had previously previewed this small series, and people liked the shot.   I just want to show the scale of the actual photo. All the rest are crops.

I think this was the shot I previewed . . .
A different photo, and slightly different crop. I might have previewed this one.

Of course, it could be they were taken so close to each other that there is little difference between them.

This particular fox had been crossing the road when it noticed me. It appeared to have an inordinate amount of interest in what I was doing . . . When it noticed me, it sat and just looked at me.

. . . and at one point it even got up and started to walk toward my position.

I was scared!! Nah, just kidding. I was hoping it would keep going, but it stopped when I moved toward it.  I should have just waited.  Instead, we had a little stare-down . . .

It lost interest, and continued onto the field across from our office.
It lost interest, and continued onto the field across from our office.

We think it has a den there.

I like shots of animals in motion.

They don’t usually turn out, especially when – like in this instance – the subject is in the shade, I’m 100 yards away, and it’s moving at a pretty good clip.  However, I’m relatively happy with these shots.

Sometimes stuff just works
It helped that it kept to the open, and the light improved.
I used this shot for my November 2012 Calendar.

Or it was the next one.  You can see both at the SmugMug gallery HERE.   How did you like that segue?   Clever boy, sometime am I.

A week later, I got paged to grab my camera and come to the front office . . . a small herd of deer was munching their way across the field.

There was this buck, and a bunch of does.

The problem?   It’s early morning, and they are in the shade, with very brightly lit backgrounds.  Not exactly the ideal shooting situation.

That first one was probably the worst of the bunch
Things improved after I exposed for the deer and not worried about the background

Most of the next shots are cropped to minimize the distraction of the bright backdrop.

This is a little better

I particularly like the colors and details of the grass.  I have tried a number of times to get decent shots of that field, all with mixed results.  These shots are not bad for either the deer or the grass.

Difficult for me to pick a favorite (and there are even more in the SmugMug gallery).

. . . I do like me this one . . .
. . . I do like me this one . . .
. . . or maybe this one.

Ah, who am I kidding?!?  I like them all, and flood both my posts and the gallery with so many pictures that people’s brains turn off.  Of course, some people’s brains are already off.

Eventually, they made their way into the full sun.

The lighting is different, and while I was shooting I was happy they finally made it into the sunlight, but as I look at these, I don’t know which I prefer.

Certainly this is nice . . .

But I like the other shots as well.  I’ll add a few more, and then close this off.

The buck made sure to keep between me and the rest of the herd.

“Hey!! Keep up, will-ya!!”
“And what are you looking at?!?”
“Sorry; she’s been in a bad mood ever since a car honked at us, earlier this morning.”
“Oh My FSM!! . . . is that Elvis?!?”
“Ah . . . Kurt Russell. Again.”

And that’s it for this post.  I already gave the link to the SmugMug gallery, so there is no need for me to have it HERE.

Thank you for stopping by.

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