The Lady is a Bug

Ladybugs are actually Lady Beetles.  They lead an interesting and varied life I know nothing about.  Those interested can read about it HERE.  My interest in them is fueled strictly by the fact they are excellent accessories to flower photographs.

In this case, they are the main subjects, and the flowers are the accessories.

The Seven-Spotted Lady Beetle, a European import, is a common sight on the flowers in our flower beds. Even so, I don’t often get good shots of this ally in the fight against The Aphids.  The Salvia shot above is one I consider decent.

But this post is about this following series.  Note: This next one might be a Nine-Spotted Lady Beetle.  The front spots are  . . . spotty, so I am not sure of anything other than it’s a Lady Beetle.

The Lady, it seems, liked very much to hang around the daisies. That probably meant my daisies were aphid-infested, and while that is not good news, it did mean I had the chance photograph them with good results.

When I snapped this shot I had not seen the other bug, a Tarnished Plant Bug, adorning one of the petals.

A splendid specimen on its own right, the Tarnished Plant Bug merited its own shot.

But can you spot the other bug in there? I did not see it until I processed the photos.

At this point, I thought I was about to see a Beetle-Bug showdown. I was a bit concerned (as a gentle soul, I get traumatized by violence), but the photographer in me happily snapped away.

But, the Beetle was just wondering about . . . and now we can clearly see the other bug. Normally I would spend hours looking for a positive identification of the sucker, but I don’t have that kind of time. 

I dub thee Coccola Occhionero

Had I noticed it, I might have worried for its safety, but the Lady does not seem interested.

It did show me it’s belly . . . maybe it wanted a rub.

This is a nice profile of the critter, a shot I seldom get.

When I snapped this shot I thought that was a Lady Beetle in there . . . it’s not. This is another bug I could not identify, despite its distinctive markings.  It looks like a type of Superb Plant Bug, or other beetle, but I could not find anything like it during my cursory search.

I dub thee Catturata Idiotica.

The reason I originally thought it was a Lady Beetle is because of this next series shot on the bud of a daisy.

The Lady was definitively interested in getting in there.

Scoping out the place.

Yes, yes!! This could work!


Nope, that sucker is not ready.

And that’s it.  That’s my Lady Beetle post.  Please, hold the applause to the end.

For those interested in more details, you can click HERE to visit the SmugMug Gallery.

All those others, thanks for perusing my stuff, and I hope it has been worthwhile.


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