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The Twelve

I wish I had been one of the twelve.  I wish I could have stood in awe, overwhelmed by the majesty of the vision . . . and never wanting the moment to end.  But that time is past, and … Continue reading

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The Dark Knight Almost Rises – A Review

Right off the bat (bat, get it?  never mind), I was not impressed with the movie.  I mean, great production value and all, but a cavernous (get it? Cavernous, bat-cave . . . Sigh, never mind) disappointment to this viewer. … Continue reading

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High ISO Hummers

This year has been a very good year for hummingbirds both at work and at the D’Alise residence.  At work I maintain four window feeders.  They are the most bother since deer empty them every night. At home I have … Continue reading

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Mount Evans – The Critters

Consider for a moment just how far behind I am in my postings; there are flowers, spiders, butterflies, bugs, a ton of hummingbird photos, birds in general, sunsets, and other odd stuff all sitting on my hard-drive screaming at me … Continue reading

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Vitriol – Cruel and bitter criticism We are in an election year . . .  I therefore  expect both Republican and Democratic parties to cast aside any pretense of civility, and to sling sulfuric acid at each other.   I … Continue reading

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Casa de Emdeko – Hawai’i – The Big Island

The year 1990 saw us take the first of what would turn out to be many trips to Hawaii, specifically, the Big Island.  We rented one of the condos at the Casa de Emdeko.  Now, one can say it became … Continue reading

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Wow! You Like Me! You Really Like Me!!

A few weeks ago I entered a contest at The Dark Globe. To my great joy and surprise, I got the Gold: I thank the Swallows for their incredible, and unscripted, performance, and I thank the judges for what was … Continue reading

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