My apologies

OK, I was selfish and inconsiderate.  

I isolated myself from people who read my blog by turning comments off.  I did it for what I thought were good reasons (to my thinking), but . . .

. . . my wife did not like it, my sister hated it, some chastised me for it, and some switched to commenting on SmugMug.  

While it’s nice to see people head over to SmugMug, it makes the turning off of comments here on the blog silly and meaningless.

Worse yet, it turns out I like having the option to comment on other people’s blogs, and that makes me a bit hypocritical.  Or a lot hypocritical.

I’ve turned the comments back on, even retroactively on the few posts that had them off.

It may make me appear weak, flaky, and possibly bi-polar, but probably no more so than turning the comments did in the first place.

My apologies to my readers for trying something without thinking it through.