The PanosFX Bundled Actions

The bulk of my photography workflow is done in Lightroom.  I will occasionally stitch photos in Photoshop, or blend some layers, but for the most part Photoshop is used to fix stuff which needs a heavier hand than what can be applied in Lightroom.

Here are a few examples of my limited abilities (some will say they are not limited . . . please, go out and see the kind of stuff people do with Photoshop.  I’m little better than a monkey throwing poop in comparison to someone who knows what they are doing).



Cleaned up

Cleaned up



Screwing around

Screwing around

The alternative to playing around with Photoshop and working out how to do stuff on your own, is to buy programs that facilitate the process.  

I’ll be doing a post on those soon, but this post is about Actions.  Basically, actions are scripts someone has put together to do stuff to your photos.  They did all the work, saved it as an executable plug-in, and all you do is literally press a button.

Some Actions are free.  There are many, many actions available on the InterWeb.  Some you have to pay for.  This post is a brief documentation of the Actions available as a Bundled Package from PanosFX (they are also available as individual actions).  A future post will cover his large number of Free Actions.

There is no SmugMug gallery associated with this post since it’s mainly to show what one can do with these Actions, and not to show off the photos themselves.

This is the photo I chose to work with.  Some of the Actions require more than one photo, and I used what I had on hand for those examples.  Be forewarned . . . this is a long post, but it’s mostly pictures.

Original Picture

Magnifying glass action. There are two different models, and each with either curved or straight handles. You can reposition the magnifying glass where you desire.

Picture wrapped around a cube. There are related options for multiple pictures. This action generates a 3-D model you can rotate to your desired position

Variation on the cube

The Christmas Cube

The cube as a puzzle. You can change the number of squares, the bevel between sections, round the edges, etc.

This is almost the same thing, but it’s tiles making up the image. You can choose all the way to 64 tiles.

Nine square tiles. No grout, no rounded corners.

Same one with rounded edges

A example of using 64 tiles

The Open Book Action

The second open book action. Basically you have the center divider. I should mention you also have the option to show the picture as borderless.

See? What did I tell you

This is the Open Book using two images. Note that depending on the options, the Actions are optimized for either landscape or portrait.

Book Cover Action using one image. You can add text to the spine.

The Book Cover Action using two separate images.

Simulating multiple pictures to show a larger picture. This is interactive, and you can choose up to 25 (I think – could be less, but can’t be bothered to check) individual photos that you size and orient yourself any way you want.

Same idea, but using curled photos. Here you can use up to 17 individual one. I got lazy, and only used a few.

Other options for the Big Picture Action is to have it as a wall complete with reflection. You choose the number of segments, the background color, and a few other options.

You can also have it as a flat reflection (with multiple sections)

Big Picture using polaroids. The last thing it does is “blow a breeze” to mess them up a bit.

You can have up to 25, and it includes the option to curl the edges a bit

By default you also get a couple of perspectives, but you can edit/modify them to your own liking.

There is a Comics Action, but this picture is not well suited to it. I plan to try it on something more suitable.

There is a Film Pack with a number of options . . . this one is black film edges.

. . . but there is also more realistic film . . .

. . . that can also be shown either with concave or convex curl. I should have made a negative of the image for a more realistic effect.

You can make a collage, and like others, you have options for the parameters.

You can also take a number of photos and make a collage of them . . . complete with reflections.

There is an Old Manuscript Action. You can control the color, the text, the text color, etc.

To make it more realistic, you can wrinkle it, burn the edges, distress it in various ways to “age” it.

This is the Old Newspaper Photo Action – vanilla version

You can’t see it well here, but it has the dots like in the old-time newspaper photos.

Old Newspaper Photo worked over a bit to make it look, you know, old.

There is a Wanted Poster Action . . . I’m just showing the worked over version with creases, burnt edges, and bullet holes.

The Postage Stamp Action . . . you choose the picture, the text, and you have a choice between two round postmarks.

There is a third postmark, the old familiar wavy kind.

You can then assemble the postage stamp into an actual envelope

You can adjust the angles to make it look more “organic” (read: imperfectly realistic).

This is the Puzzle Action. It breaks up your photo into puzzle pieces. I’m not sure, but since they are individual, you should be able to move them about. I was in a rush, and did not try it. This is a 56 piece puzzle, but you can go to 99 (I think)

Finally, tablets are all the rage. You can use the Tablet Action to show your photo displayed in a generic tablet. You have the choice of black and white, plus the above “clear” tablet to which you can then add the color of your choice.

You can’t read it here, but that has the correct time, a title you choose (Cousin Frank in Carbonite), the wi-fi signal strength, and the charge on the battery.  There are actions for each type of tablet, and picture orientation.

This is the Vintage Photo Action with all the bells and whistles. A crease, mold on the edges, dampness, cracks, and various other indignities photos are sometime subject to.

Again, I will apologize for being lazy and not having links to the larger photos so one could see the quality . . . .BUT WAIT!!!

The Picasa Album (or Google+ Album . . . the bastards are renaming everything)

As usual, thanks for reading my stuff.


. . .  my FP ward  . . . chieken shit.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this and as you can see in my post yesterday
    I tried to work with one of the actions and it is so much fun to do!


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