On my Bucket List – El Caminito del Rey (a.k.a. El Camino del Rey)

A comment Sandra made on my last post triggered a memory . . . my wife saw me write this, and her comment was “No.  Not goona happen!” (she’s starting to get my accent)

I’m talking about a video I saw a number of years ago.  I liked the walk.  I liked the music. I plain liked the whole thing.  And, unlike going out to the end of a girder, I would totally do this.

No, this is not contrary to what I said about the skywalking.  For one thing, there is a safety line here.  For another, I would be super extra-special careful.  And finally, there is a safety line here, although the guy with the camera did not seem to use it.  I repeat myself for the benefit of my wife. 

The place looks amazing . . . and unfortunately we’ll never travel there . . . that we know of.

One can read the history and write ups of the path in the following links:

Wikipedia Entry

More general info, and points to the two following links

Guide, photos, and hints about doing it

Another guide, more photos, more hints

This to me looks doable.  Not likely, given my wife would kill me before I step foot on it, but doable.

Let me know if you are moved to planning a trip before it’s renovated. 


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