Fatten-the-Husband Dessert

This is a bit unusual for me, but Melisa whipped up with a dessert I found quite good, and decided to share it.  It’s a cross between an English Trifle, a Fruit Tart, and Tiramisu’.  She made it; I named it.

Here is the recipe:

Fatten-the-Husband Dessert

– Two to Four Pavesini cookies (may substitute Lady Fingers cookies)
– Mixed Berries (fresh or frozen) – Blueberries, Raspberries, and Blackberries
– Sprinkling of Dark Rum for cookies
– Pastry Cream, like what’s used for Fruit Tarts or Cream Puffs
  (This one is the Julia Child recipe, and substitutes Half-and-Half for milk, and flavored with Rum instead of Vanilla extract)
– Whipped Cream; use to lighten the pastry cream and to top the dessert

– Layer cookies in a dish – sprinkle with the Dark Rum
– add a layer of the mixed fruits
– add a generous layer of pastry cream (depending on husband)
– add whipped cream
– top with a few berries

And here is the result:

Fatten Your Husband Dessert
Fatten-the-Husband Dessert

This was shot with my Nikon D7000 and my 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens at f/20, ISO 100, and 4.0 sec. exposure.  Tripod mounted, of course.  Click on the picture for the full version.  It should open in a new tab or window, and it’s stored in WordPress.  After opening, click again to zoom to full resolution anywhere you are pointing.

Wish I could share the dessert, but it did not survive long after the picture was taken.  In fact, as I processed the shot I noticed the reflection on the glass of the ceiling above the island (it’s yellow).  I should have angled the camera so it would be reflecting the great room, which would have shown up dark and not detracted from the dessert itself.  

What can I say . . . I was rushing so I could eat the dang thing; composition was not my primary focus at the time.

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