Disperser Tracks – Two Years Anniversary

Monday, March 19th, marked the anniversary of this blog.  Two Years.  Two hundred and fifty two posts (252), not counting this one.

I had planned big things in celebration of the momentous event; an in-depth interview with the author, a video tour of the site, a review of the hits and misses, a summary of the lavish praises this blog receives, a very brief review of the criticism (presented in gibberish), and an informative piece on where this blog is headed.

Unfortunately, life got in the way.  First, the author decided to take a weekend driving trip, and then, upon his return, his water heater decided to split open.  Some say “unfortunate”, but others rejoice.  Not about the water heater; about me being delayed.

Regardless where you, the astute reader, falls in assessing those events, the end result is how it should be;  both the good and the bad of life take precedence over this blog.  It must be so because this blog is nothing more than a personal indulgence.

Still, humans have a curious affinity for the marking of milestones, and, contrary to widely held opinions, I am, in fact, human.  So, I mark the passing of the two years anniversary.

As further proof, I give you the screen captures of a recent milestone as indication I am also subject to human whimsy. 

02-25-2012 Screen Capture

02-25-2012 Screen Capture - 10,000 views

Two years, and over ten thousand views . . . so, how did we get here?

It all started nearly 59 years ago as I fell out of the womb, and hit my head on the floor.  Forward nearly 57 years, and I start a blog.  The two events are not likely related, but it sure feels like it sometime.  Blogging is not easy.  Blogging takes time.  Blogging requires effort.  Blogging requires discipline. One has to wonder why anyone bothers.

I come across many blogs that have not updates in months, sometime years.  I know exactly what happened; the blogger lacked the ego to sustain him or her through the first year or so.  Or they died.  For many, I hope it’s the former.

I, on the other hand, have an abundance of ego.  That’s what allows me to forge ahead despite obvious shortcomings.  You see, whereas successful blogs have a narrow focus, I have no focus.  I write fiction, write reviews of movies and television shows, rail against injustice, highlight and mock ignorance, deride superstition, offer up political opinions, present travel reports, showcase dubious photographic talents, and most of all . . . manage to aggravate most people who cross my path.  Except for that last one, I make no claim of mastery in any of those things.

It’s a wonder anyone stops by, let alone returns for more.  I’m not kidding, I do wonder why.

The visitor log for two years of blogging

The above shows a huge jump in January, February, and March of 2012.  I had nearly the same amount of visitors in those three months as I did the whole of the previous year.

There are two explanations for that.  One, during those months I made an effort to post every day.  The other is that I started to look at other blogs, and commented, “liked”, and subscribed to blogs I found interesting.

I did so for my own selfish reasons, not to drive traffic to my site, but I reluctantly admit my gregariousness probably helped do exactly that.  I know . . . who would have thought I could be gregarious?  I don’t know which had the most influence; I hope it’s the former, but I fear it’s the later, and I’m not happy that.  I fear it’s not genuine interest, but people being “nice”, and reciprocating out of a misplaced feeling of obligation. 

Who would have thought I could be so insecure . . . of course it’s my brilliant efforts that brings visitors flocking by the thousands!

I’ve stopped posting each day, as my other interests were suffering, so we’ll see what happens to the traffic.  I could go the route of many, and do short posts each day; a picture here, a witty comment there, or the combination of the two . . . that would bring daily eyes to this blog.

When I say the following I want to make absolutely sure no one takes it as criticism of their own efforts (although I can’t control what others think): that’s not me.  Sure, I’ll indulge in the occasional short post when I cross something interesting that can stand on its own, but my regular posts are not going to be short.

As case in point, dear reader . . . yes, you; one of three people who are still reading this post . . .  I warn you this is a long post.  

Wait . . . who exactly is reading this blog?  Who are the people behind the numbers?

Demographics of my readers

Demographics of my readers

The graphic that breaks down the visits by country is difficult to embed in the post, so I’ll provide it as a PDF:

Stats by Country – as of 20MAR2012

This is an incomplete list since they just recently started tracking it.  I have a long way to go to conquer the world.

Based on the above, odds are that you, the reader, are a female, your age is between 35 and 44, you hold an advanced degree, are Caucasian, and your yearly income is between $50K and $100K.

That explains why my writing posts get so little play; I write to satisfy my own reading tastes.  I’m a guy.  Q.E.D., I don’t write for women. Yes, I know . . . I’m a chauvinist pig.

Women readers also explains why my photographs get a lot of views.  Most, if not all, of the February posts were photographs related – nearly a thousand views in less than thirty days.  Women are more apt to look at beauty.  Sure, men look at beauty as well, but it’s usually in the form of a shapely rear end, or gravity-defying chest; them be lacking on this blog.

Speaking of which, this next PDF lists the search terms that led people to my blog.  Surprisingly many are spot on.

Top SearchTerms as of 20MAR2012

So, here we are . . . two years, and as of the time of this writing, 11,940 views.

I want to thank each and every reader who lingered on one of my efforts, and as an interesting ending to this post, I want to list the posts in order of readership.  As a bonus, each is a link to the individual post.

WordPress says the following is a summary of “all time views”.  Interestingly, I noticed right away some of my posts are not listed.  It could be they were viewed when first posted, and included in the “Home page” count, but even so, it means they did not get many repeat views.

Pirates vs. Ninjas“, “Nothing left to see“, “The Guardians – Part I, Part II“, and “The Hikers” are all short stories I quite like, and combined they show less than 20 views.

In fact, my fiction is conspicuously grouped at the bottom of this list.  Some might take it as a sign to give it up . . . again, that ain’t me.  If anything, I’m thinking I need to write more.  

But, I do need to reorganize this blog . . . someday.  I need to better direct my readers to posts matching their interests . . . well, except for shapely rear ends and gravity-defying chests.



Home page 3,923
Nikon D7000 – A User Review 362
The PanosFX Actions 272
About 227
Lake City, Colorado, and the Alpine Loop – Part I 148
Kitchen Counters Go Granite 134
Lake City, Colorado, and the Alpine Loop – Part II 130
Celestial Seasonings Tea Company & Buffalo Bill Museum revisited. 128
Pueblo’s Weisbrod Air Museum 128
The Silver Thread ByWay – Colorado’s Highway 149 124
Free Wallpaper – Hana, Maui 114
The Butterfly Pavilion, and Rosie 100
Handwritten Post – Number 2 – Change 100
PATH 003 – Photos Around The House: Grandfather’s Binoculars 99
Thunderbirds – 2011 USAFA Graduation Air Show 97
Free Wallpaper – Maui, Hawaii 85
Opinion: Holocaust Deniers, Petitions, and Censorship 82
My First Digital Pictures 81
Addition to Free Wallpapers Gallery 75
April in Colorado 74
Colorado Fauna – Northern-Harrier Hawks 71
Free Wallpaper – The Road to Hana, Maui 70
Blended Layers and Macro Photography 66
2011 Flowers – Part II 63
2011 – The Year in Pictures 61
The Flowers of Harlincin Court 55
Agnosticism – the non-neutral position. 55
Blogger Awards 54
The Red-tailed Hawk and the Funnel-web (not Wolf) Spiders 52
The Two Hours Drives – Part 2: The Cabin and The horses 51
Pikes Peak and I 49
Free Wallpaper – Waikiki at Night 49
Two great sunsets, and a spectacular sunrise 48
A Character Flaw, For Sure 48
My first trip out west – 2002 – Yellowstone, The Park 46
Of Prayers and Discrimination 46
Free Wallpaper – Maui, Hawaii – North Shore 46
2010 – The Year in Pictures 46
Free Wallpapers – Long Time No See 44
The Icy Fog Cometh 43
Thanksgiving 2011, San Leon – the rest of the story 42
Western Trip – September 2011 (Utah) 42
Impertinent Hummingbird – 2008 42
The Fox and the Kits – 2007 42
Evidentiary Skeptic 42
Palm Vx and I 41
Of Spiders, Sunsets, and Woodland Park Bucks 41
The Fox and the Coyote 40
PATH 001 – Photos Around The House 40
My SmugMug Photo Galleries – 2011 in Review 40
Atheist, am I 40
Complicated Issues 40
PATH 005 – Photos Around The House: Flowers and Ice Update 39
I Want To Kill Myself 39
Moonset over Pikes Peak 38
Photography Stuff – Panoramas 38
My First Troll 38
The Ice Man Leaveth 38
February’s End Part 3 – The Hawk Chronicles 38
Miss Kitty: June 1991 – September 2011 37
Science Fiction vs. Fantasy 37
Hartwick Professionals Joke(s) of the Week 37
Pundits: Impeding Discourse 37
Honor Student Trip Scam 37
HDR: Photoshop HDR Pro and HDR Express 37
LSD and other drugs 37
Driving Colorado – July 2005 36
Walks and Web-Based Social Interaction 35
Castlewood Canyon – Part 2 35
Conversing with the Faithful – Part 1 35
Buffalo Bill Museum – Golden, Colorado 35
Flash Fiction No. 3 – Zombie Apocalypse . . . almost 34
The Candle of Reason Burns a Little Dimmer 34
My first trip out west – 2002 – Mount Rushmore 34
Perspective 34
Neat and Fun Photo App 34
The Bear of Woodland Park 34
The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore 33
Flash Fiction No. 5, 6, 7 – The Writing Prompts 33
The End of Poverty 33
PATH 006 – Photos Around The House: The Waka 32
Western Colorado / Eastern Utah – 2006 Trip Report 32
Impromptu Trip – Devil’s Tower, Sundance, and North Dakota 32
The Two Hours Drives – Part 1: The Hawks and The Silo 31
Salsify Overload 31
2010 Entertainment Review – Part Two 31
A Plethora of Spring Robins 31
To The Unborn Children of Homophobic Tweeters 30
Beautiful Seniors Mock Interview 30
Flash Fiction No. 1 – The Wanderer 30
Of Tiger (butterflies), Elephants, and Deer 30
Hartwick Professionals, Inc. Joke(s) of the Week – Part 2 30
Free Wallpaper – Smokey Mountains 30
The end of the B^3 Era 30
First Snow – October 08, 2011 30
Handwritten Post 29
The Flowers of 2011 29
Buffalo Bill Museum – One More Time 29
Air Force Thunderbirds -2005 29
Atheism and Skepticism 29
My 2010 Internet Travels 29
Tell me the truth 28
Chichen-itza, Yucatan Mexico – 1986 28
Colorado Fauna – The Kit 28
Free Wallpaper – Hummingbird Feeding 28
February 2012 Snowstorm 28
Free Wallpaper – Kona sunset 27
22Dec2011 Snow Aplenty 27
Harley-Davidson V-Twin 103 27
Hartwick Professionals, Inc. Joke(s) of the Week – Part 3 27
PATH 004 – Photos Around The House: January Flowers Update 27
Bountiful Birds – Harlincin Ct. – January 2004 27
Odds and Ends 26
Early January Drive – first photos of 2012 26
Another Artificial Milestone 26
Review of the Cape (with SPOILERS) 26
The Wall and Eye 25
Hawk and Dragonflies 25
Duck!! 25
Galveston Bay Birds 25
The Horror of Netflix 24
Late January 2012 Red-tailed Hawk 24
Bonus Post – The Actual Move 24
The Bad Boys of San Leon 23
Flash Fiction No. 4 – “Wolf, are you there?” 23
Kick-Ass Reprised 23
The Two Hours Drives – Part 4: The Geese and The Fence 23
Of “Likes”, Subscriptions, and Stuff 23
My first trip out west – 2002 – The Fauna 23
Cliff Swallows 23
The Star Trek Universe 22
Closing Out 2011 – the very last photographs (honest) 22
Twitterized Story 22
Grope-A-Dope 21
The Obligatory Christmas Letter 21
The Air Zoo of Kalamazoo – 2004 Snapshot 21
D’Alise Daily News – Volume MMV, Issue I 20
Conversing with the Faithful – Part 3 20
Sunsets – Monument, Colorado 20
Guns – my thougths 19
OCT2010 – Cripple Creek, Colorado 19
Pueblo Riverwalk 19
Colorado Fauna – The Camels 19
Hummingbirds; Pictures and Videos 19
The Two Hours Drives – Part 3: The Train and The Trestle 19
Watchmen Reprised 19
Closing out 2011 – The Last Hawk 19
The Birds, the Bees, and the West Coast Lady 18
2010 Entertainment Review – Part One 18
The hawks of September 2011 18
Things I Learned from Experience and Observation 18
My first trip out west – 2002 – Grand Tetons National Park 17
Free Will Redux 17
Debating Gun Control and Religious Belief -Part I 17
Scientific Naturalism and Free Will 17
Something to take its place 17
Colorado Fauna – The Llama on the Hill 16
ejd’s on The Origin of the Corporate Culture by Means of Endless Meetings 16
PATH 002 – Photos Around The House – A. G. Bear 16
Closing out 2011 – The Stragglers 16
Red Tailed Hawk – County Line Road, August 2011 16
Tree and Cliff Swallows Update 16
A miscellaneous look back 16
Tree Swallows – 2011 Final Update 16
Handwritten Post No. 3 – Honor 15
Militant Atheists 15
Conversing with the Faithful – Part 2 15
February’s End – Part 1 15
Tree Swallows 15
San Leon – The Rest of the Story 15
First Quarter 2010 – The Rest of the Story 15
We are the Borg . . . or soon will be 15
My first trip out west – 2002 – The Badlands 14
Another Slice of SciFi Article – Time for Who 14
Holiday Wishes for my readers 14
Mop 14
First Quarter 2010 – The Hawk Files 14
Hunting Fox – Woodland Park, 27Apr2010 14
More Red Tailed Hawks 14
Galveston Bay Boats and Ships 13
Labels!! . . . I hate labels!! 13
Colorado Fauna – The Ubiquitous Alpacas 13
The Tucson Shooting 13
The Office and the Rainbow 13
Colorado Fauna – The Chipmunk and the Nuthatch 13
San Leon . . . the Black and White Album 12
The Wanderer (re-edit) 12
Santa Fe Trail – Redux 12
Meditation 12
February’s End Part 2: Ute Pass and Freezing Mist 12
Choosing a Religion 12
Creativity . . . an old man’s path to purpose 12
The Fighting Western Bluebirds 12
Moview 1 – The Book of Eli 12
El Paso County Park – Paint Mines 11
Sunlight at night 11
The Stars and Many Moons 11
D’Alise Daily News – Volume MMIV, Issue XII 11
Your Attention Please 11
Month of May: Early Morning PP 11
Leather Good Eats 11
One of my Slice of SciFi editorial contributions: Time Travel 10
Interesting Machines 10
San Leon – The Other Birds 10
&%$@*# 10
Thor – I liked it! 10
Maintenence Post – – Picasa Albums 10
Too Much 9
Dangerous Geniuses 9
Atheism and Skepticism Redux 9
Moview 3 – Sherlock Holmes 9
Flash Fiction No. 2 – Tales of the Wanderers: The Follower 9
Droidified 9
I would read me. In fact, I do. 8
Rational Thoughts Links 8
Month of May: Santa Fe Trail 8
Disperser Tracks – 2011 in review 8
Done Screwed Up Again 8
I recognize that look 8
Free Wallpaper – Place of Refuge 2 8
The Return of the Camels 8
Conscience 7
Reader Feedback 7
Life Cycles 7
Pirates vs. Ninjas 6
Hawaii 2009-2010 Part One – The Big Island 6
Of Life, Death, and Immortality 6
First Quarter 2010 – Of Coyotes, Geese, and the Cow 6
Another Slice of SciFi editorial contribution: Steady There, Fella 6
First Quarter 2010 – Maybe not the best, but certainly the last for the first quarter 6
Multiple Choices 6
Closing Out 2009 Pictures 5
Immortality 5
Blue Bird Dance (YouTube Slideshow) 5
A quasi-geek’s thoughts on TV-fare 5
Milestones Markers 5
The Pioneering Spirit 5
The Guardians – Part I 5
Humble Contribution 5
Month of May: Hand in the Clouds 5
Roku Goodness 5
Moview 4 – Avatar 4
D’Alise 2009-2010 Hawai’i Vacation – Maui and Oahu 4
First Post 4
Casey 3
Moview 2 – Clash of the Titans 3
The Hikers 3
Month of May: Palmer Lake 3
Terminators Musings 3
Nothing left to see 3
Banter 2
District 9 Review 2
Tales from Maui and Oahu 2
December ’09 from The Big Island 2


About awards: Blogger Awards          About “likes”:   Of “Likes”, Subscriptions, and Stuff

Note: to those who may click on “like”, or rate the post; if you do not personally hear from me, know that I am sincerely appreciative, and I thank you for noticing what I do.  

. . .  my FP ward  . . . chieken shit.

About disperser

Odd guy with odd views living an odd life during odd times.
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26 Responses to Disperser Tracks – Two Years Anniversary

  1. I read the whole thing. :-) Congrats on 2 years. That’s a real accomplishment. Hana Hou!! (look it up).


  2. chefcrsh says:

    Meh… Kung Hei Lei!


  3. Sarah says:

    “Blogging takes time. Blogging requires effort. Blogging requires discipline. One has to wonder why anyone bothers.”

    Vanity and procrastination. That’s why I do it. A few other thoughts prompted by this entry:

    – Wow, you have a well-educated readership.
    – I too have yet to conquer the world. And I’m glad I can now easily track that thanks to WP’s new geographic segment on the stats page (I have an external stats tracker thing that lets me see some of that, but I like looking at the aggregate number of pageviews from all countries that WP lets you see). I’d really like someone from Greenland to visit, because once that gets colored in on my map, my blog will look soooo cosmopolitan.
    – Some of your search terms are pretty good (“ugly leon,” “the bad place in world”?). One of my favorite terms that I’ve received is ‘a beautiful cat in the world.’
    – Your comment about being a human (perhaps a shocking fact to some) reminds me, where is your dead-eyed avatar from, anyway? Definitely human, but a little more on the zombie end of the spectrum…
    – Yeah… I’m one of those ladies spending 99% of my time on WP just looking at pictures, guilty. Partly because I love photographs, partly because I’m subliterate.

    Congratulations on two years!


    • disperser says:

      The avatar is me . . . that’s one of my better pictures.

      That picture is a modified one that was used for the Discharge and Amnesty papers releasing me from the rank of Sergeant in the 57th Brigade, and granting me amnesty for “service, duty and actions performed against the Government of the Union of Allied Planets during the War of Unification” – Serenity Valley, Hera.

      It’s a Firefly thing, you see. Once a Browncoat, always a Browncoat, no matter what the papers say. Don’t worry; if you don’t know what that is, you have a great treat ahead of you. Rent or buy the series Firefly, and watch the episodes (a two hour pilot, plus twelve more). Absolutely the best series I have ever seen.

      As for the eyes, the original shows them, but I prefer the soulless look as more fitting to who I am.


      • Sarah says:

        Ah, Firefly — I’ve heard many a whisper of it. It casts a long shadow on the television landscape, which is pretty impressive in spite of (or perhaps partly because of) its short run.

        I have a long, long list of series I’ve been meaning to watch and Firefly’s definitely on there. In fact this exchange probably would have spurred me to start Firefly today if only it had occurred a few short hours ago, in the gap between my getting caught up with Mad Men and starting Friday Night Lights. Next time.


        • disperser says:

          I will respectfully say the following . . . you are making a HUGE mistake, and it is with ease and confidence I say your life is but a pale reflection of what it could be until you watch Firefly.

          I have only met two people who, while they liked the show, failed to “get it”, and become Browncoats . . . nice people, but I don’t speak to them any more.

          If you have Netflix, it’s streaming on there. Make sure you watch the series before watching the movie (Serenity).

          But, I understand . . . how can anything, especially a show, alter the course of one’s life? It’s a poser, alright. All I can say is, I am not the only one, and the most unlikely of people have fallen to its spell. As an example, watch this:


  4. iamannmarie says:

    You gave my left brain a real workout with all those charts and statistics. And my right brain looks forward to more pictures and stories. You did well, so keep up the good work!


  5. As one of the female readers who enjoy your photographs, your humor and your interesting view of the world around you, congratulations on your two-year anniversary. As a fellow Browncoat, I will admit that I do speak to people who have not seen Firefly. But have nothing to say to those who don’t like it…. incomprehensible!


    • disperser says:

      There are many measures I use to gauge the worth of other humans. Some are obscure, as the reaction to the movie “Joe Versus the Volcano”. Other are obvious, like willful ignorance (i.e. aliens/bigfoot/ghosts among us). Some are nuanced (i.e. watching The Apprentice, knowing who the Kardashians are and not making a face on the mention of them, awareness of the latest celebrity hook-up/split-up, or following The Bachelor). Some are absolute (telling others who they can and cannot marry).

      The all-encompassing gauge is reaction to Firefly. To paraphrase Jayne, them who don’t take kindly to it, well them folk “ain’t to be trusted”. Come to think of it, they might be aliens.


  6. Congratulations on your two years of blogging…then comes me with only twoandahalf months haha.
    And yes I also did read your whole story although all those stats I left for what they where.
    I continue to take a look at your posts…not all of them I like, those I ignore :) but especially your photographs and some of the stuff you write I really appreciate! I love the way you look at your world, how you capture it in photos and the funny way (at least I think it’s funny) you write about it. Keep up the good work… and I will follow :)


  7. ntexas99 says:

    I clicked LIKE, but not because I feel obligated. I clicked LIKE to say howdy, I was here, and I read what you wrote, and I agreed with some of it, or it tickled my interest, (especially the clip at the end and some of those wacky search terms that got high hits). I can click and read any blog out there, and because there are too many for any one human to keep up with, I pick and choose where I feel like exercising my eyes. Sometimes that brings me poking around in your neck of the woods.

    It’s your voice. I can’t actually hear it, except when I think I can.
    I like it when people cut through the bullshit and speak the truth.
    I like it when people use dry wit to make a point, and then throw salt in the wound.
    Or when their humor sounds suspiciously like anger,
    Or when their anger sounds suspiciously like humor.
    In case you were wondering.

    stats are sometimes unreliable …
    I only register on two of the five criteria. Female, Caucasian.
    (minus the shapely rear end and gravity-defying chest)

    congrats on your two year anniversary, and your 253rd post


  8. bluelyon says:

    If you see a lone white female visiting from Wilmington, MA that’s probably me sneaking a peak while I’m at work.

    Haven’t seen the series (Firefly) but so many of my interesting friends recommend it that I’m just going to have to break down and watch it.

    Keep blogging. Love your voice.


  9. Shannon says:

    Guilty as charged! I’m both female and a photo stalker. I do love the beauty of nature in all its forms, from the very big (as in your landscape shots) to the very small (others macros of insects, mosses, flowers). You have an extraordinary eye for photographic content which I use to improve my own technique and eye. I’m delighted to have found your blog, but can’t say that I’ve read all of your posts. I “like” the ones that I read AND liked, some I’ve read and though didn’t dislike, didn’t bother to press “like” either.

    Having a busy schedule means that a particular long post (like this one) I have to come back to when I have a good chunk of time (usually in the morning before the children wake up), but when a long post piques my interest enough, it links to my memory which will lead me back to it…perhaps even a week later.

    I enjoy reading your fiction, too, though I have no time for fiction in real life (I have a list of books to read that I hope to get to one day). My reading — and TV — time is truly precious as I have little of it. It is relegated mostly to educational in nature. If you ever start growing food and sharing your successes and failures, you’ll make a true stalker of me.

    Happy Anniversary, E! Keep doing what you’re doing. I agree with you that the blog should be for your benefit first, others’ pleasure second.


  10. disperser says:

    Thank you all for the kind words. I often refer to myself as a hardened, self-sufficient, emotionally guarded, difficult-person-to-deal-with, judgmental, cold and distant person.

    All of it is true, but I must admit self-surprise in realizing I do like praise. Still suspicious of it, still wondering if I’m dealing with a mass delusion of sorts, but ultimately willing to accept it at face value.

    Yes, I am pleased, giddy even, there are people who get something out of what I do.

    Especially when it’s recognized I “. . . use dry wit to make a point, and then throw salt in the wound.“, and that my “humor sounds suspiciously like anger” and my “anger sounds suspiciously like humor.”

    Again, thank you all for reading.


    • ntexas99 says:

      too much salt in one’s diet can be a dangerous thing
      however, a little salt tends to add a subtle touch of flavor
      and who doesn’t like a little bit of flavor with their dose of life?

      when I first crossed paths with you (on Sarah takes picture’s blog)
      I wasn’t sure if I was amused by you, or annoyed with you, but
      one thing I did figure out is that I was that I was curious to know more
      (especially after the choice your made with your gravatar image)
      the best way to appease my curiosity was to head over here, and read


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