Bonus Post – The Actual Move

I don’t know why (probably my anal retentiveness kicking in), but I figure I would add some interim information of stuff that happened between my major updates.  We ended up leaving Michigan on the 24th, with a snow storm fast approaching.

 The first destination was the middle of Illinois to spend x-mas with Melisa’s dad.  Following that, the plan was to head out and be in Colorado Springs, and our rented apartment, by the 28th . . . but, I’ll let you read the e-mail update I sent out that evening.  


December 24,  2004

You got to love technology!!

Looking at the projected storm tracks and local radars, we were able to map a route avoiding all of the snow (well, almost all).  We scrambled to leave on Wednesday morning, knowing bad weather was on the way. This was a day earlier than planned, but we were able to get everything moved (thanks Troy) on Tuesday, loaded both cars on Tuesday night, slept on an inflatable bed overnight, got up early Wednesday to make one last run to the storage facility, and then waited for the apartment complex people to sign us out. We left at 9:45am.

We actually headed North to Flint, east on 69 to Lansing, then down (still on 69) to I-80 in Indiana. We slipped between the storm and some lake-effect snow off of Lake Michigan. We saw a few flurries, very minor accumulation, but nothing that slowed us up. By the time we hit I-94 (in Indiana), the snow had stopped, and the traveling was clear and dry.

We arrived in Mattoon, Illinois at around 6:30pm. Mattoon was just on the edge of the snow storm, and only got about .25 inches of snow.  But it was very cold. The room we had booked at the Ramada had no heat. The heater in the room they moved us to broke down before we moved our stuff in. They searched a few more rooms before they found one with the heater that worked.

Unfortunately, the door lock did not work. While they were replacing the lock, we realized just how noisy the heating unit was. We called another hotel. The Super 8 is the only other hotel that takes pets (we are traveling with our cat), and they had a room available. A nice room, with everything working.

Unfortunately, if you have a pet they put you in a smoking room (all the hotels do this). So, while the room was nice, it smelled from all the smokers that had previously coughed up their lungs in there.

But, it is warm and comfortable. And after a few hours your brain gives up, and ignores the smell . . . until you go out and come back in, that is.  Oh well, the joys of pet ownership.

We are watching the weather channel, and it looks like Sunday is going to be our travel day. Hopefully, we’ll be in Colorado by the 28th.

We will let everyone know when we reach our destination.


The best laid plans . . . living on a steady diet of Subway food (to this day Subway is waaaay down the list of places we want to eat), weathering some sort of malaise, cold weather, and marauders, we did make it down to Colorado Springs.  We would have arrived on the evening of the 27th, but we took an extra evening to rest just a few hours from Colorado Springs.  

We got in there the next morning, and the apartment was an immediate disappointment.  The web pictures must have been of a unit they kept just for suckering in customers.  We stayed there two nights, and meanwhile fund a furnished apartment in University Park.  Night and day.  University Park would be our home for the next four months while we looked for a house.


December 30, 2004

OK, so we have been here a few days. The original place we had picked for our stay turned out to be less than we hoped. The unit we rented looked . . . well rented. Nothing nasty, but everything well used . . . maybe even overused. The surrounding area left a little to be desired.  Again, nothing nasty, but we would not have been comfortable walking around after dark . . . or early morning . . . or on cloudy days.

I don’t know. I don’t think we are snobs, but maybe at some level we are. I mean, there were other people living there, and the people running the place were nice. In the end we decided to move. We looked at apartments, both furnished and unfurnished, and we are close to settling on a furnished unit.  In the meantime, we are staying at a Comfort Suites.  Something we should have done right from he get-go.

The plan is to be in an apartment by January 6th . . . takes that long to get everything arranged. We also came to the realization that our original plan to move to a different area every month made for a stressful situation, for us as well as the cat. We are currently leaning toward getting a three-month lease (the shortest you can get here), and use this area as a basis of operation. First and foremost we need to settle in for a bit and catch our breath.

One thing that is evident to both of us is that the sun is really bright! OK, so that is probably not news to anyone. Thing is, it seems unusually bright to both of us. Sunglasses are not enough when we are driving, and for the first time I can remember, I am using the sun-visor on a regular basis, swinging it to the side and to the front as I wind through the streets. And I’m not even talking about the sun being low in the horizon; this is at 2:00pm. It may be due to the altitude, or the fact here are no clouds in the sky. Or, being from Michigan, we are not used to three consecutive days of sunshine.

Whatever the reason, we are both considering stronger sunglasses.

Since we are still both fighting to get healthy, this is probably lacking some of the twisted, often incomprehensible, and sometime sick humor that usually weaves it’s way through the text of my e-mails . . . enjoy it while you can, because I’m getting better.


There were no other major updates other than the announcement in April that we had bought a house.  The next update is dated August, and it will be tomorrow’s post.

 . . . this is likely boring for all but a very select few.  The thing is, once I get started on something I am compelled to see it through.  However, after tomorrow’s D’Alise Daily News we’ll be done with out transition from Michiganites to Coloradians (yes, I make the names up as I go).

Thanks for visiting, and if you made it to this, for fighting off sleep.

. . . and my FP ward  . . . chieken shit.


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9 Responses to Bonus Post – The Actual Move

  1. chefcrsh says:

    Sure steal my title!


  2. Shannon says:

    I remember December 2004. It snowed in HOUSTON. Wacky stuff. And it’s Michiganders, I’m told. I’ll bet your glad that’s all behind you now. I’m having flashbacks of similar moving stress of my own a few years back.


    • disperser says:

      I prefer to make up my own . . . I was partial to Michiganians for a long spell, but now Michiganites tickles my fancy. I tried Michiganterians, but it just plain sounded weird.


      • Shannon says:

        Michiganders makes me think of geese, which I always see up in MI-land (rather than down here T-ville). As for my kind, I’ve always preferred Texicans. ‘Cause that’s what we are all really (my kin were here before independence). And no bird comes to mind.


      • disperser says:

        Based on my San Leon visits, Texicans makes me think of Pelicans with Smart Phones. But that’s just me.

        If you have not seen them yet, there are a number of posts from my time on Galveston Bay.


  3. AnnMarie says:

    Did you ever find out why the sun was brighter?


    • disperser says:

      Two reasons . . . one, coming from Michigan, I was not used to that much sun (no clouds in the sky).

      Two, it’s like a light bulb; it looks really bright up close. Here I am 7,000 feet closer to the sun!

      . . . that’s a whopping 0.0075% closer, on average, than in Michigan. Blinding!


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